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Every day, each of us has to deal with the text, whether in the form of documents, a user guide, or messages on the application interface. Within every project, someone should watch over the correctness of texts and provide documentation of high quality, written in a language adapted to the audience. This is where a technical writer’s professional support helps.

A technical writer is a person responsible for creating, editing, and updating technical documentation for a software or application, for example. Writing is a big part of their job, and as such, their main task is to provide the user with the information necessary for the correct use of a product. What is more, they ensure linguistic, grammatical, and stylistic correctness. The documentation is always correctly formatted, maintained in a visual style preferred by the company, and compliant with all imposed guidelines. The work of a technical writer also has one very important side effect – finding problems in the product described. As such, this role in the IT project cannot be overestimated.

Technical Writer specializes in the following areas:
  • Creating, verifying, and proofreading project documentation
  • Creating and maintaining user documentation
  • Taking care of high-quality linguistic in project documents
  • Supporting for product testing
  • Preparing training materials
  • Translation and document localization
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    Increase communication clarity

    Technical writers help clarify complicated concepts by translating jargon into plain language with the use of visuals, helping your organization meet the needs of your target audience and, as such, gain the trust of your business partners.

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    Increase documentation quality

    A high-quality project and user documentation reflect well on your organization. The documentation is always logically structured with standardized terminology, always compliant with technical documentation standards.

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    Reduce your costs and efforts

    High-quality, well-written, and well-understood user documentation results in reducing the cost and effort required for product usage and maintenance, as well as for staff training. Customers can solve their problems without engaging the product support department so that support resources are reserved for higher-value problems.

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    Increase end-user experience

    Technical writers are closer to the end-user with an attention to detail, and, as such, during the documentation creation process, they test the product to learn how it works. They can discover bugs or usability problems. Fixing those problems before releasing the product ensures that customers never encounter the problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • They write. First and foremost, they provide the user with the information necessary to use the product correctly. The technical writer is also an editor. They make all the corrections necessary to maintain high-quality documentation. Tech Writer translates various documents, including emails to customers, marketing texts, and technical documents. Technical writer is also a support to many people involved in the project, such as the BA, PM, tester, or UX designer. They support the creation of all types of documents, starting from Project Charter, through URS, FS, and DS, to Deployment Plan, co-create test scripts for SATs and UATs, create Release Notes and user documentation, and many others.

  • A Technical Writer is a person who:

    gathers information about the product based on, among other things, existing documentation, data from a project management system such as Jira, and conversations with SME’s
    transforms programming jargon into a clear, concise, and coherent description
    keeps track of the documentation delivery deadlines and reminds the team about them
    provides content adapted to the needs of the user, correct in terms of language
    proofreads text before publishing it or sending it to a customer
    translates all kinds of documents, articles, and presentations
    writes coherent content following the rules of the style guide and any guidelines or regulations that are imposed by the company’s industry, for example
    assists in designing the user interface to make the product as intuitive as possible, thereby reducing the need to mask product imperfections in the documentation