Automate processes in your organization

Most IT systems used in companies for everyday work have one thing in common – they require constant attention from the user. Solutions created for people to make the daily job easier often absorb most of the time they spend in the office. These are usually simple and repetitive tasks that are necessary to perform and reduce productivity. These tedious tasks, very often not requiring increased attention, carry the risk of making mistakes that translate into the effects of the entire organisation’s work.

A modern solution to this challenge is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is a technology that allows you to configure software that can imitate human work by interacting with IT systems. It uses the user interface to operate applications the way people do, and even better. As a result, it is never tiring, never makes mistakes, and generates lower costs. See how RPA can improve the workflow in your organization and how Craftware can help.

Robotic Process Automation
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    Increase the efficiency of your work

    Automate daily, repetitive activities and speed up the work of your organization or team.

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    Increase employee motivation

    Free the team from disliked, monotonous duties, and let them perform creative and developing tasks.

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    Reduce risk

    Avoid costly omissions and mistakes resulting from the exhaustion of your specialists.

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    Achieve fast ROI

    Complete more tasks without increasing spending on hiring or overtime specialists.

UiPath Partner

We are a Golden Partner of UiPath, RPA’s most widely used and highest-rated technology platform, ranked first in Gartner’s process robotization report. UiPath offers its users an extensive free knowledge base. What millions of UiPath users highlight is its simplicity and ease of use compared to other RPA solutions.

Today, UiPath is the fastest growing organization in the enterprise software industry. It has dozens of offices worldwide, a strong 500,000-person community of programmers, and over 5 million robots working in 5000 global enterprises.

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Why us?
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    A team of experienced experts

    We have a specialized RPA team whose skills are confirmed by numerous development certificates.

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    Flexibility in cooperation

    We offer various models of cooperation, tailored to the individual needs of the client.

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    Practical knowledge

    We have extensive experience in conducting system audits and process analysis.

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    Business approach

    Our consulting way of working allows you to achieve the best business benefits from robotization.