Change management
Why is change management so significant?

Do you strive to implement a new system or strategy in your organization and struggle with issues? Have you implemented a new solution, and now you deal with low adaptation among employees? If so, you’re not alone. About 70% of IT changes implemented in organizations fail. What are the reasons? Most frequently, in such projects, there is a lack of planning engagement processes of particular stakeholders due to insufficient understanding of how a change affects the business. This entails inadequate communication or no communication at all. In addition, unsuccessful projects are often characterized by a lack of regular progress measurement and an inability to recognize successes.

The solution to such issues and consequences resulting from them is the proper management of change. Change management not only helps an organization get through the time of modifications and increases chances for the project’s success; it also allows increasing engagement of project and business teams.

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    Minimize failure risk

    Reduce chances for failure in implementing a change thanks to the relevant approach.

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    Increase your team’s engagement

    Help employees to understand the change process to minimize stress and anxiety related to those changes.

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    Boost users’ awareness

    Show employees possibilities a change brings and increase their productivity and morale.

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    Efficiently react to challenges

    Deal with unforeseen problems quicker thanks to the implementation of relevant processes.

Competences necessary in change management
  • Management skills

    Role: Effectively solves issues and looks for proper resources.


    • Planning
    • Analysis and risk management
    • Resource management
    • Achievements control
  • Analysis and communication skills

    Role: The face of the team in the eyes of a customer; understands business needs and fears.


    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Change impact assessment
    • Benefits valuation
    • Creating essential content
    • Communicating project’s progress
  • Language and editing skills

    Role: Takes care of the beneficial change’s image; ensures comprehensive communication


    • Creating communication content
    • Preparing documentation for business
    • Taking care of message’s language quality
  • Promoting skills

    Role: Taking care of message consistency, easily adapts vocabulary to recipients.


    • Identifying information channels
    • Defining communication strategies
    • Planning broadcast
    • Creating graphics, animations, videos

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    We are experienced in the change management process.

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    Wide range of competences

    We have all the necessary competencies: PMs, BAs, TWs, and marketing specialists.

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    Holistic approach

    We walk you through all stages of the change implementation – from planning to realization.

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    We know and use the right tools and proven methodologies.