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What is digital transformation?

Is digital transformation worth the investment? If you are asking yourself this question, perhaps you should reformulate it. Today, we shouldn’t be considering whether digital transformation is worth adopting. It is a necessity for companies that want to maintain their position on the market. Customer expectations are changing rapidly, so we must also change the way we do business.

Digital transformation is most often equated with a revolution in the area of ​​storing customer data – with tearing down silos and gathering information in one system. However,  this is only the tip of the iceberg because transformation requires changing the existing processes in the organization; or even building them from scratch. It is also, or perhaps above all, transforming the organizational culture and creating a new style of management and work with data. Therefore, it requires investments not only in technology and modern IT solutions but also in people – to convince them that this change is not a threat but a chance for more comfortable work.

Finally, digital transformation is not a one-off, time-bound project that finishes with integrating already functioning systems and implementing a new tool. It also includes its maintenance and continuous development.

Why is digital transformation so important to your organization?
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    Organize your data

    Learn how to collect, store, and use it – make it the foundation of your business

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    Respond to consumer expectations

    Build new ways of communicating with your customer, improve customer experience and strengthen customer loyalty

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    Keep up with the competition

    Change the approach to running and developing your business, just like the growing number of organizations that are agile and quickly adapt to change

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    Be prepared for the next change

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that change can be sudden, radical, and irreversible

How can we help you?
    1. We will start with an analysis of your current situation: the technological resources of your organization, existing processes, and your needs.
    2. We will propose solutions and tell you how we work with our customers.
    3. To get to know your needs better, but also to get to know each other better, we will invite you to a pre-implementation workshop. What does the workshop look like? Read the text in which we explain it – “Pre-implementation workshops – who would possibly be interested?”
  • Up to 70% of transformation projects fail partially or completely. There are many reasons for this, but the main problem is usually the lack of understanding of the technology and requirements. Our extensive experience with Salesforce technology enables us to claim that with us, you will carry out your digital transformation safely. We have many satisfied customers and a list of successfully implemented projects. We work in an Agile approach, which you can learn more about on our Agile Project Management page.

  • Why is Salesforce technology the best choice? Because you can use it to digitize all areas of your customer relationship – from marketing and sales to customer service.

    Salesforce offers not only products dedicated to each of these areas, that is, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, but also processes embedded in these tools. They allow you to organize work in each department, cooperate with the customer effectively, build the customer journey, and measure the results of your actions.

  • About 70% of technological changes implemented in organizations fail. It doesn’t have to happen in your organization if you take care of the change management process.

    Check how we can help you resolve the challenges of digital transformation, prepare your employees for it, and minimize the risk of failure. Find out how to manage change in your organization.

Are you planning to make a digital transformation?
Contact us. We will prepare an action plan for you!
Jarosław Kozak

Digital Transformation Advisor


Why us?
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    Holistic approach

    from needs analysis, proposal, and implementation to the constant support

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