Eliminate errors from your Salesforce instance

Do your Salesforce CRM users report numerous errors? Do the development and implementation of even minor changes continue endlessly? It’s possible that your Salesforce CRM contains configuration or development errors. Probably, the necessary tools are not used in the development process.

We can help you. We can conduct a professional implementation audit and identify key issues and technical errors. Then, we can help you decide which problems should be fixed first – ideally, to eliminate the most important ones. Of course, we are also happy to deal with the implementation of fixes.

During the audit, we rely on the knowledge of our experts – they use professional tools recommended by Salesforce. We check the code, configuration, and accurate use of code versioning and uploading tools. We also look into security settings, integrations with other systems, and system optimization for Salesforce cloud limits.

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Benefits of conducting a Salesforce audit
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     Eliminate frequently recurring performance and functional errors.

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    Get to know the instance condition

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    Eliminate security threats

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    Make better use of cloud limits

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What will you get?

The purpose of the audit is to learn about the client’s Salesforce instance and the external systems with which this instance is integrated. The result of the work is a document with identified problems, a suggestion to solve them and the implementation of good Salesforce practices.

An example audit includes an analysis of:

  • code
  • data model
  •  installed SF applications
  • the development process and programming environments
  • roles and permissions
  • license utilization and adjustment
  • implementation of high-level features in accordance with the SF standard
  • integration with other systems

It also includes suggested solutions to issues, and the implementation of good SF practices and corrections.

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Why us?
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    The customized audit plan

    Our unique plan goes beyond the SF recommendations, providing an excellent diagnosis of the system condition

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    Experienced practitioners

    We have already conducted over 30 Salesforce audits

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    Certified experts

    Our Salesforce (SF) technical specialists have certificates confirming programming competencies, starting from Salesforce Platform Developer II to certificates related to Salesforce architecture

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    State-of-the-art technologies

    We are one of the first to use code versioning and uploading tools, we have extensive practical knowledge in this area

Our experience

Over the past few years, we have completed dozens of projects for global companies using Salesforce technology. As part of the Salesforce partner program, we have obtained the world’s highest Specialist II status for the Salesforce Platform implementation service, confirming our vast experience and knowledge.

Our certificates
  • certificate Salesforce-development-lifecycle
  • certificate Salesforce-Platform-Developer
  • certificate Salesforce-Application-Architect
  • certificate Salesforce-data architecture management designer
  • certificate Salesforce_System Architect
  • certificate Salesforce-platform developer
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Frequently asked questions
  • Salesforce offers business solutions to support the customer lifecycle from marketing to after-sales service. It is based on applications belonging to the SaaS (Software as a Service) layer. These are Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Demandware. In turn, these solutions are built on the AppCloud platform, which is also available for customers. Thanks to that, every customer can independently develop their solutions but also extend the Salesforce solutions.

    AppCloud belongs to the PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer. What distinguishes AppCloud most among many other PaaS on the market is creating incredibly effective solutions with it. Gartner classifies AppCloud as the leader of the High Productivity Paas quadrant.

    Building applications using AppCloud is several times faster than using traditional development technologies. By starting with Salesforce solutions designed for customer lifecycle management, organizations facing the challenge of choosing a CRM system can make the digital transformation of the whole company and move their business to the cloud. On one platform, without the necessity of integration, they can build the needed solutions around CRM in a short time. Just in weeks, not months or years.

  • Salesforce has many servers around the world. The major data centers are located in the USA, Asia, and within the European Union. When signing a contract with Salesforce, the customer indicates the location of their servers.

  • Security is ensured by:
    – two-factor authentication – besides login and password, the second step requires you to use a PIN code generated for a limited time
    – restricted access by IP address – limited to office locations, for example
    – SSO – Single Sign-On
    – Salesforce login, using the company’s existing login mechanisms, so that the user has one login and one password for all applications in the organization

    Other than that, the rules are similar, such as when logging in to Spotify using a Facebook account. Security is also provided by temporarily restricting logins to a range of business hours.