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If you have enough of switching through different marketing, sales, or service support systems, the Salesforce CRM Platform is for you. It combines the most important business processes in one intuitive tool. Therefore, you gain greater control over the whole, increase your team’s work efficiency, and your customer engagement.

It is a technology that has revolutionized the approach to implementation and has reduced the time to get ROI (return on investment). Salesforce respects the needs of most industries, businesses, and departments, thanks to its modular construction and communication capabilities under the platform. Ready-made specialized solutions available in AppExchange supplement standard functionalities, and if you need more adjustment, the platform allows you to customize and create tailor-made solutions.

Whether you need quick implementation of standard functionalities or more complex modifications, Salesforce is the answer to your needs, and Craftware is the Salesforce Partner you can trust.

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Salesforce Benefits
  • ROI

    Achieve ROI in a short time

    Thanks to the modular construction and ready-made solutions, Salesforce benefits start from the very beginning. Implemented MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is gradually developed, increasing beneficial influence on the results.

  • cloud data

    Availability in the SaaS model

    It does not generate costs of expensive infrastructure maintenance. You do not have to worry about security or technical support. You get everything within a Salesforce subscription.

  • scalability

    Scalability of every solution

    A system changes with a customer’s business. You start with the MVP, the smallest ROI-generating part of the project, and then expand it as you respond to additional business needs.

  • fast

    Quick transition from a project to an implementation

    Don’t wait months or years for the first results of the system implementation. With Salesforce implementation, the solution may begin to earn for itself within several days.

Why Salesforce Platform?
increase in sales effectiveness
increase in customer satisfaction
lower customer churn
increase in employee engagement
faster implementation of the solution

* The mean percent increase reported by Salesforce customers, source: SF Customer Relationship Survey from years 2014-2016, a study among over 10.500 customers

** The ROI of Building Apps on Salesforce, IDC, July 2016

What are your needs?
  • Do you operate in a business-to-business model and need a marketing automation tool?

    Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns?

    Do you want to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

    Try Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot).

    B2B automation
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  • Do you run multi-channel marketing campaigns?

    Do you want to know how potential customers perceive you online?

    An abandoned shopping cart is your concern?

    Explore Salesforce Marketing Cloud and streamline your marketing efforts.

    B2C Marketing
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  • Are you looking for a solution to help you increase sales effectiveness?

    Has your sales team grown, and do you need to organize data?

    Do you want to seal the sales funnel?

    You can find all this and much more in Salesforce Sales Cloud.

    Sales support
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  • Do you care about the best possible quality of service for your customers?

    Do you handle calls from many channels?

    Do you want to integrate your call center with your customer service system?

    Salesforce Service Cloud can provide you with all of this.

    Customer service
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  • Do you need a solution to exchange information with your partners easily?

    Do you operate a distribution network and want to provide everyone with access to your knowledge base?

    Do you want to build a portal for your customers?

    Explore Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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  • Need to develop your Salesforce Platform but don’t have the experience or people?

    Does more functionality need to be implemented properly?

    Or do you need daily support for the system?

    Discover our Managed Service.

    Manage Service
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