Find out what's the power of community in building brand awareness

Examples of the world’s most prominent organizations prove that the people gathered together around the brand are the ones who form its backbone. Regardless of whether you have a small business coworking with a network of distributors or a developed corporation with an extensive customer base, you can create your community.

How to achieve that? Salesforce Experience Cloud is a simple to manage platform to organize the community around your business. It connects customers, partners, and employees directly with information and apps they search for. Automatically recommends groups and experts, brings together people who have similar needs.

Moreover, Salesforce Experience Cloud allows creating a knowledge base to be used by customers and partners at any time. It is the first place to search for necessary information and often the last one, which is time-saving for the customer service employees.

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    Creating a personal community

    Engage recipients in exchanging opinions on products and services on forums and in discussion groups. Encourage them to share their ideas.

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    Building brand awareness

    Active community members not only support each other but also become your brand’s best ambassadors.

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    Easy communication at any time

    Salesforce Experience Cloud facilitates access as well as accelerates communication between all users.

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    Knowledge from practitioners within reach

    Use proven solutions and tips from the users who work with the Salesforce product daily.

What do you gain using the Salesforce Experience Cloud?
increase in customers satisfaction level
fewer cases reported to the customer service
more users visiting the website
shorter handling time of cases reported by customers

Reference: “IDC-Salesforce-ROI-White-Paper-2018”


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Build your community with Salesforce Experience Cloud
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Frequently asked questions
  • Yes, this is what Partner Community and Customer Community licenses are used for. These are functionally limited and designed for large volumes of users, who are not employees, but they have to have access to the Salesforce app. By using configurator, you can prepare views of data and processes in Salesforce, dedicated to those users.

    We present common examples

    Partner Community: creating potential customers by partner; mutual running sales opportunity by the organization and partner; providing customer service together with partner; tracking partners activities across sales opportunities, and tracking potential customers with the use of the mobile app; sharing a base of knowledge with partners; groups and forums for communicating both in terms of system data and in general business discussions; reporting partners activities; and other typical business processes that can be built on the platform and shared with partners.

    Customer Community: creating and communication around cases for the customer service in the organization; changing customer data; modifying of consent for data processing and marketing approvals; base of knowledge for customers; contact with a dedicated account manager; customers groups and forums; and other typical business processes that can be built on the platform and share with customers, e.g., purchase of policies or units in TFI (Investment Fund Company) participation for financial institutions; reservations at beauty salons; checking accounts balances in telecommunication, energy, leasing etc.

  • Salesforce offers business solutions to support the customer lifecycle from marketing to after-sales service. It is based on applications belonging to the SaaS (Software as a Service) layer. These are Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Demandware. In turn, these solutions are built on the AppCloud platform, which is also available for customers. Thanks to that, every customer can independently develop their solutions but also extend the Salesforce solutions.

    AppCloud belongs to the PaaS (Platform as a Service) layer. What distinguishes AppCloud most among many other PaaS on the market is creating incredibly effective solutions with it. Gartner classifies AppCloud as the leader of the High Productivity Paas quadrant.

    Building applications using AppCloud is several times faster than using traditional development technologies. By starting with Salesforce solutions designed for customer lifecycle management, organizations facing the challenge of choosing a CRM system can make the digital transformation of the whole company and move their business to the cloud. On one platform, without the necessity of integration, they can build the needed solutions around CRM in a short time. Just in weeks, not months or years.

  • Find out how much the Experience Cloud license costs here: