What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is the process of controlling the basic procedures of the knowledge base content. It empowers the confidence that our organization is prepared to help the customer.

Knowledge Management is a communication bridge between technical teams, support, business, and users.

Imagine an airport in the middle of the night. Suddenly, there is a crash of all the systems responsible for basic functionalities that ensure the maintenance of the service. In addition, let’s assume that the information necessary to solve this problem is illegible, outdated, and inaccessible. It is essential to restore the continuity of the system as soon as possible, as well as minimize potential financial losses and damage to the reputation of the company responsible for these systems.

To begin the process of solving issues, first, the issue needs to be identified. This is the right moment to seek assistance from the Knowledge Manager. It is a person responsible for creating or improving an environment where up-to-date and reliable information is easily and quickly accessible.

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Benefits of Knowledge Management
  • Greater organizational agility – understandable and up-to-date information allows for effective cooperation between teams;
  • Better and faster decision-making – decisions are made on the basis of relevant and updated information, which empowers employees’ confidence when taking necessary actions;
  • Faster problem-solving processes – with easy access to expert knowledge, knowledge management helps teams work more efficiently and effectively;
  • Support for employee development – by encouraging to share and rethink ideas, Knowledge Manager fosters an innovation culture in the company.
Who is Knowledge Manager?

It is a person who manages knowledge in a project and is a communication bridge between teams, thanks to which they create a clear set of information for each user. One of Knowledge Management’s key tasks is ensuring the smooth collection and distribution of the managed knowledge.

Knowledge Manager is accountable for the quality of stored information such as:

  • Whether the content is understandable for its users
  • Whether the received information is readable
  • Whether more information is needed or maybe it’s outdated and should be updated or   removed
  • How to adapt customers’ materials to the reality of the environment so that the key information is maintained, and how to ensure continuity of communication.
Why Craftware?
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    Broad experience in different projects

    we have completed more than 400 projects over the past few years

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    Holistic approach

    we guide our customers through all the phases of a project: the analysis of business needs, suggesting and implementing solutions, and, finally, continuous support

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    Wide range of competencies

    we provide experts with several years of experience in IT Service and Project Management.

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    Selection of appropriate tools

    we use effective solutions and methodologies.