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The Life Sciences industry is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative industries in the modern world. It covers a wide range of fields, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer healthcare, and others. The Life Sciences industry contributes to improving the quality of people’s health and life through the development of innovative technologies, research, medications, and therapies.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the Life Sciences industry is rapidly expanding. These technologies are being used to analyze huge amounts of data and identify patterns that can form the basis for the development of new medical devices, treatments and innovative drugs and therapies. They also help streamline clinical trials and speed up the drug development process.

Digital and technology transformation is a challenge but also an opportunity for development and new achievements.

Salesforce products for Life Sciences we specialise in

Salesforce offers a range of solutions for the Life Sciences industry, including sales and marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM), and data analytics. Thanks to them, companies can streamline their operations, improve customer engagement, and gain actionable insights from their data. In addition, they enable companies to focus on their core business of developing and delivering life-saving therapies and innovative treatments.

Four main Life Sciences sub-verticals that Craftware supports by providing Salesforce technological solutions
  • Pharmaceuticals


    Pharmaceutical companies discover, develop, manufacture and distribute medicines to cure, treat and prevent diseases and health conditions.

  • Biotechnology


    Biotech organisations use the natural processes of living organisms, like plant or animal cells, to develop new drugs and cure methods, manufacture food and medicinal products and solve medical challenges to improve human health and society.

  • Medical Technology

    MedTech Wearables

    It includes innovative diagnostic devices, bionic limb prostheses, robotic surgery devices, and simple everyday products like cotton swabs, pregnancy tests or contact lenses. All the achievements of technology can be used to save lives and prevent or treat various medical conditions.

  • Consumer Healthcare

    Doctor in a moder office

    These companies are dedicated to providing products directly used by consumers in their daily lives which means over-the-counter drugs (no prescription) and personal health products.

Together we will work out a solution to the following challenges of the Life Sciences industry
  • Responding accurately to the specific needs of customers thanks to Salesforce technology. The focus is to provide products and services that support the entire customer or patient journey.

  • Nowadays, we all look for a digital engagement that lets us make contact quickly, appoint a visit and stay in touch with healthcare providers and care teams. Healthcare Professionals have also appreciated the benefits of fast online interaction with patients and Life Sciences organisations.

    digital engagement_icon
  • While technology, devices and wearables are expanding, the handling and storing of sensitive patient data, pose significant security and privacy challenges.

  • Changes in the portfolio of products and services offered by companies, associated with frequent M&A activity, mean that companies look for solutions to help them manage the process

  • Due to, among others, M&A or looking for savings, organisations strive to handle the sale of a broader product portfolio and services with limited human resources

How to meet the challenges?

To address the challenges, the Life Sciences industry continues to innovate, collaborate and prioritise the needs of customers, patients and society. To succeed, organisations need to apply a modern transformation approach:

By using Salesforce’s Life Sciences solutions, companies can:

Please read more below about the complex and reliable solutions we offer our customers.

How important is CRM in the Life Sciences industry? Find out!
How Craftware helps Life Sciences organisations

At Craftware, we focus on delivering and developing Salesforce software solutions to meet the requirements of organisations in the Life Sciences industries. Salesforce is a crucial part of Life Sciences IT architecture and key business processes.

Read more below about comprehensive and reliable solutions that meet the needs and challenges of the Life Sciences industry.

Life Sciences IT projects

Thanks to the complete flexibility of the Salesforce platform, its extensive offer and its vast possibilities, it plays an essential role in managing business operations and staying competitive in the Life Sciences industry. Organisations that know how to stay competitive thanks to CRM understand a new approach to CRM as a central, secure IT system integrated with other ecosystems. They will drive the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

Life Sciences industry-specific solutions supporting business

Salesforce offers specific solutions to address the unique needs of companies in the Life Sciences sector. Properly implemented tools, such as HealthCloud or Marketing Cloud, enhance organisational efficiency and allow companies to automate particular procedures. As a result, streamlining workflows reduces the likelihood of human error, which is critical in the HLS industry.

CRM migrations supporting M&A in Life Sciences industry

Mergers and Acquisitions processes (M&A) are prevalent phenomena in today’s enterprise sector. However, there are several various challenges behind each aspect of M&A processes. Some critical of them should be supported by technology, such as consolidating new businesses to a single org, separating the org into multiple business lines or companies, and related data migrations.

Salesforce DevOps

DevOps is a working method where a single team creates new functionalities and solves incidents. At Craftware, we call it a holistic approach and practice this bespoke method. That is how we conduct projects for clients from the Life Sciences industry.

We are trusted business consultants with over 13 years of experience

Craftware is a tenured provider of digital transformation services and technology consulting partner for HLS industry with a vast portfolio of solutions. We are trusted business consultants with over 13 years of experience, UiPath Gold Partner since 2019 and Veeva Commercial Cloud partner since 2020. We have the knowledge and experience to manage projects at every stage – from business discovery, through scoping, project delivery and further support.

  • What our client says about us
  • Craftware has been an excellent partner through the deliveries and standard of governance & delivery methods for us. The team at Craftware comes with expert experience and could quickly understand the technical and business landscape of the projects. They have been able to quickly address our needs on a continuous basis and I would fully recommend them as a Salesforce Partner.


    Soheil Golestani

    Director Program Management, Cytiva


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