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Typical problems of organizations with customer service departments include slow response time to a contractor’s inquiry, lack of a consistent operating scheme, scattered data on contact history. As a result, both customers and consultants are frustrated, and the whole process is unnecessarily extended.

As we have been supporting our customers in dealing with such problems, we are familiar with these issues. We know how to guarantee a comprehensive customer experience. Salesforce Service Cloud provides tools to know and understand the customer and quickly solve their problems. It allows you to support many popular customer contact channels such as phone, email, chat, and Facebook Messenger. Managing a large number of requests from multiple channels can be a challenge. However, Service Cloud has a request distribution mechanism, called the Omni-Channel, that allows coping with the problem.

To be seen and important – this is essential in customer service nowadays from the brand beneficiary point of view. Whether you have ten customers a year or ten thousand, Salesforce Service Cloud makes it possible.

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Our experience

Over the past few years, we have completed dozens of projects for global companies using Salesforce technology. As part of the Salesforce partner program, we have obtained the world’s highest Specialist II status for the Service Cloud implementation service, confirming our vast experience and knowledge.

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    Easy access to the case history

    The availability of all request data and communication with the customer, immediately and in one place, allows you to better understand your customers’ needs.

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    Multiple channels of contact (Multichannel)

    Activate those contact channels that the customer uses most often, such as online chat, email, phone, or social media.

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    Saving consultants’ time

    Share user-friendly tools with your team and, as such, all the necessary data and patterns, meaning call scripts, response templates, and automatic notifications. This allows you to resolve issues on the first contact.

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    Up-to-date online knowledge base

    It makes it even easier to find answers to frequently asked questions and helps introduce new employees to the team.

High efficiency
faster resolution of your customers' problems
increased efficiency of customer service employees
customers satisfied with contact via online chat
more issues resolved at first contact with the customer

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Frequently Asked Question
  • The primary contact channels that Service Cloud supports are email, chat, web form, phone, video chat. Other channels can be easily integrated with the Salesforce Service Cloud. We have also introduced channels for our customers, such as SMS, customer panel messages, Facebook posts.

  • Integration between the call handling system and the Service Cloud is based on an active transfer of phone connection data directly to the user’s browser working on Service Cloud. Service Cloud identifies the customer by phone number and shows (raises) the customer’s card automatically when the call is answered. Service Cloud presents a 360-degree view of the customer and allows you to work efficiently with the customer’s issues and with their data.

  • In all areas of customer experience (marketing, sales, service) and related issues. Additionally, Salesforce can support internal processes in organizations.