agile work
Ensure effective project development

Do you need a fresh look at the existing rigid design of your project? Does it lack flexible solutions, and the effectiveness of the team decreases?

The Agile Coaches are trainers supporting the adaptation of agile methods and practices. Their actions aim to provide better results, solutions, and products or services to customers. They are mentors for Scrum Masters, organizations, and agile teams, focusing on listening to needs and promoting the development of the entire organization. The Agile Coaches understand methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, or Lean. They have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Detection and improvement of defective processes and then implementation of flexible solutions are possible thanks to people such as the Agile Coach.

The main tasks of the Agile Coach are:
  • promoting an agile culture in the organization by teaching how to do it on your own;
  • ensuring consistency of implemented practices;
  • assisting in achieving the highest possible value for the customer;
  • supporting the organization in the effective and transparent development, and implementation of objectives.
  • organisation support

    Organizational support

    Engaging managers and senior management to increase the maturity level of the organization.

  • improving competencies

    Improve competencies

    Agile Coach bridges competency gaps and provides guidance that affects the quality of teamwork.

  • team awarness

    Increase team awareness

    The team maturity enables satisfying needs and solving problems effectively.

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