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The contemporary media landscape is a rapidly evolving environment fueled by technological innovations and shifting consumer behaviours. To navigate this dynamic environment, the media industry requires robust solutions that streamline internal workflows and enrich the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

Publishers face challenges in managing ad advertising sales management. The processes may be often inefficient, costly, and error-prone. Salesforce Media Cloud offers a comprehensive solution to help publishers improve advertising sales management, which can help them save time and money. By combining all aspects of media operations, such as sales, marketing, and publishing, into a single system, media companies can better manage their data and processes, leading to improved productivity.

The Solution for Publishers to Improve Advertising Sales Management

Salesforce Media Cloud provides a single platform that combines all the tools and resources publishers need to manage their advertising sales. This includes:

  • A powerful advertising management system that automates the entire sales process, from lead generation to order fulfilment.
  • A robust inventory management system that helps publishers track their available inventory and make sure it is used efficiently.
  • A comprehensive reporting and analytics suite that provides publishers with insights into their performance.
Transforming the Media Landscape with Media Cloud

Salesforce Media Cloud is a comprehensive suite that combines customer relationship management, real-time analytics, ad inventory optimisation, and multi-platform content management to empower media companies to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth.

  • One-stop solution for managing all aspects of a media business, from building your inventory through pre-, flight and post-flight processes.
  • Organised Sales-Ad Operations processes on one tool.
  • Product catalogue, whether digital, print, or outdoor, in one platform acting as a single source of truth.
  • Prebuilt integration into Google Ad Manager (GAM) for digital ad sales.
  • Ability to track, analyse and enable Ad Sales teams to see how well they position their offers.
Media Cloud Key Features
  • Ad Management and Order Fulfilment

    Ad Management and Order Fulfilment

    Sell and manage ad space in real-time across all channels. A single view of all advertising inventory to easily track and manage advertising revenue. Target advertising, report on campaign performance, and manage contracts with advertisers. Track orders, manage inventory, and create invoices.

  • data driven analytics icon

    Data-Driven Analytics

    Collect real-time data to gain comprehensive insights into user behaviour and content interaction, improve marketing strategies, understand audience preferences, and drive engagement. Access crucial data and make smarter business decisions.

  • content management

    Content Management

    A robust content management system (CMS) allows you to effortlessly create, schedule, curate, distribute, track, and identify the most popular and relevant content across multiple platforms.

  • subscribe management

    Subscriber management

    Manage your subscribers by tracking their subscriptions, renewing them and managing their billing information. Increase subscriber retention and engagement with rapidly deployable subscriber services, tailored products, and personalised promotions.

  • digital engagement_icon

    Omnichannel Service and Sales

    Build and launch personalised media experiences and bundles quickly. Shorten release cycles and guide consumers to relevant products and offers.

  • system-integration icon


    Media Cloud can send and receive data from external applications, such as billing platforms, network inventory systems, and ad servers. The platform integrates with Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds to give you capabilities specific to the media industry.

CRM dedicated to the media industry

Media Cloud helps to design, launch and monetise media experiences from anywhere and deliver personalised media experiences for clients and end users. 360-degree view of the customer and sales cycle enables publishers to understand and visualise all key relationships (agencies, advertisers, and brand mapping).

360-degree view of the business relationships helps to increase customer loyalty. By understanding the audience, you can build tailored experiences across platforms at every stage of the customer journey, drive loyalty and turn casual media viewers into loyal fans.

Benefits of Using Media Cloud
  • Increased advertising revenue


    Thanks to Ad Management, the publisher can sell more advertising. By using Order fulfilment to manage the process of fulfilling orders more efficiently, media businesses can increase their advertising revenue.

  • Enhanced User Experience


    Personalisation features translate into a great user experience. This will help you maintain your current audience and make your platform more attractive to new users.

  • Revenue Optimisation


    Media Cloud identifies the most profitable revenue streams, offering insights into ad placement and subscription models. You no longer have to guess; make decisions based on concrete data.

  • Streamlined Workflow


    Media Cloud automates repetitive tasks, freeing your team to focus on what matters: creating quality content and engaging with the audience.

  • Scalability


    Built on Salesforce’s reliable infrastructure, Media Cloud scales with your business. Thanks to built-in tools and applications, the system grows with you without any hiccups. Drag-and-drop functionality, a low-code platform, allows you to configure and deliver hundreds of media processes and experiences efficiently.

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Media Cloud offers top-notch functionalities to suit publishers' needs
Why Choose Media Cloud?

Media Cloud is a versatile platform offering comprehensive solutions for your digital transformation. Whether you are interested in content management, data analytics, secure collaboration, or automation, Media Cloud is the centralised solution you’ve been searching for.

  • The media-specific CPQ engine: provides sales teams with advanced order-capture and guided-selling capabilities to offer best-fit products and services to customers across different channels.
  • Enterprise Product Catalog: accelerate the launch of new offers and products and ensure pricing consistency with a centralised and flexible product catalogue.
  • Multi-platform Integration: manage your content effortlessly from traditional broadcast to streaming services.
  • Security and Compliance: Media Cloud offers a secure environment to store, manage, and analyse your data. Top-notch security protocols to protect the data.

Salesforce Media Cloud provides a comprehensive solution for the media industry, combining the automated process of selling advertising, analytics, content distribution, and revenue optimisation in one platform. Media Cloud can help companies compete with new players in the market by providing data-driven insights into customer behaviour. This can help them to develop targeted marketing campaigns and improve their content offerings.

Features - benefits
  • Pre, in, post-flight management within one platform

    This feature allows you to manage all aspects of your media campaigns, from planning and execution to monitoring and detailed reporting. Save time and effort, as you no longer need to switch between different systems. It can also help improve campaign efficiency, as you can track performance in real-time and have a holistic view of all your activities in one place.

  • product catalogue

    Unified product catalogue for any media inventory (Online, Print, Outdoor, etc.)

    This feature allows you to search for and quickly book suitable campaigns’ inventory and track your inventory levels. It can also help increase your negotiating power as you better understand the overall inventory landscape, thanks to tracking inventory levels and usage and inventory performance reports.

  • Media Plan

    Building media plans within the CRM system

    This feature can help you better align your media campaigns with your sales and marketing goals and track your campaigns’ impact on your customer pipeline. You can assign media plans to sales teams and territories. The features can also help to improve communication and collaboration between sales, marketing, and media teams.

  • Contract Managemen

    Contract Management and offering from the system

    This feature can help you streamline your contracting process, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure you get the best possible deals. It can also help you manage your media budget better, generate reports on your media contract spending and performance and track your media investments’ performance.

All you want to know about Media Cloud - FAQ
  • Media Cloud is a comprehensive platform that provides real-time media monitoring, analytics, and reporting. The solution helps media businesses, marketers, and sales teams to track customers’ online and offline presence, analyse data, and make informed decisions.

  • Media Cloud uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to scan, collect, and analyse data from various media sources, including news outlets, social media, and blogs. The insights generated can be used for brand management, competitive analysis, marketing campaigns and strategic planning.

  • Media Cloud stands out for its real-time data tracking, extensive media source coverage, and in-depth analytics capabilities. The platform also offers sentiment analysis, keyword tracking, and trend prediction features that set us apart from competitors.

  • Media Cloud provides a wide array of analytics, including audience demographics, engagement metrics, sentiment analysis, and ROI calculations.

  • Yes, Media Cloud can track various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Monitor your brand mentions, customer feedback, and trending topics in real time.

  • Yes, Media Cloud offers highly customisable reporting options. You can tailor your reports to include key metrics and data visualisations that matter most to your business.

  • Absolutely. Media Cloud supports multiple languages and regional settings, allowing you to track and analyse media across geographies and linguistic groups.

  • Data security is a top priority. Media Cloud employs end-to-end encryption, secure data centres, and regular audits to ensure your data remains confidential and protected.

  • Definitely. Media Cloud offers agency-friendly features like white-label reporting, multiple account management, and client-specific dashboards, making it a versatile tool for media and marketing agencies.

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Media Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform and extended to address business processes in the media industry. It allows you to place customers at the centre of revenue-generating strategies. The Media Cloud ecosystem offers many solutions, from content management and data analytics to marketing automation and secure collaboration.

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