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Veeva is a platform addressed to organizations from the Life Science industry. It enables effective customer relationship management (CRM) and support in product research and development. Veeva is a solution based on the Salesforce software that is adjusted to the specific requirements of the supported industry, such as the need for validation, GxP, or a complex and long-lasting process of introducing medicines into the market.

Craftware specializes in providing experts in the Veeva technology within the body and team leasing services. Since 2016, we have been closely cooperating with the biggest Life Science organizations. We know exactly their needs and expectations. We have a team of certified specialists who – thanks to trainings in Veeva products and the excellent knowledge of fields in which these products can be used – can map business requirements to system capabilities and suggest you the best solution for your organization; and later, take care of the proper implementation.

Veeva expert

Craftware is the only company on the Polish market that, being a Veeva partner, employs specialists with the following certificates: Veeva Associate White Belt CRM and Veeva Associate White Vault Platform.

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    Access to local specialists

    Gain the support of experts working in hours convenient for you.

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    Full capabilities of Veeva platform

    Implement solutions and functionalities that will bring your organization the greatest benefit.

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    Custom solutions

    Develop the Veeva platform to adapt it to the specific needs of your business.

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    Use our experience

    Benefit from the knowledge of our experts who have been working in the Life Science industry for years.

Project roles
  • In Veeva projects, it’s one of the key roles. At an early stage, they explore processes occurring in a given company and compares them with the possibilities and features offered by the Veeva technology. That’s how they can evaluate which of them are valuable and should be implemented as well as in which order it should be done to provide the greatest benefit. What’s more, an analyst can assist in building communication for the potential users, which helps to increase the adoption of a solution in an organization.

    The key aspect that ensures effective implementation of the solution is also the preparation of relevant documentation. Documents drawn up by the analyst allow the smooth development of the system and its longer usage in the future. Craftware consultants, in projects based on Veeva, create extensive documentation that includes important information on potential customizations and describes all implemented changes and modifications.

    At Craftware, we provide Consultants with experience in Veeva technology who exactly know processes specific for Pharma and Life Science industries. They can assess in which cases the already existing functionalities can be used and adapted and when it is worth designing a custom solution.

    Our Analysts also have extensive experience in Salesforce, on which Veeva is based. Thanks to that, they have great technical knowledge and can discuss this subject with developers.

    Familiarity with industries using Veeva solutions is especially significant in the case of being aware that various requirements exist and legal restrictions that affect differences in functionalities of a particular system worldwide. The experienced Consultant can examine such needs at the beginning of a project and take them into account under its framework.

  • The one experienced in Veeva ensures the delivered product fulfills all the previously defined requirements. Their task is to take care of the quality, meaning the quality of the team’s work and the quality of the final result of the commissioned job and completing the project on time. The Project Manager makes sure that the project is carried out smoothly and effectively and that its implementation is in line with the predetermined budget.

    Project Managers at Craftware are perfectly familiar with the Veeva platform, which is confirmed by their certifications. They ensure reaching for the best available solutions as well as efficiently use proven methodologies (such as Agile) and tools (such as JIRA, retro), improving working on projects. Over the years, Craftware’s Project Managers have been working on international projects, so they are experienced in the distributed project management and working with teams operating in different time zones.

  • Software testers with a background in Veeva projects take care of error reduction. They are capable of increasing the intuitiveness of the implemented solution and its friendliness in usage. Testers secure the system from the necessity of additional investments that result from the need for mistakes corrections, which arise during the system’s usage and influence the business.

    Testers at Craftware perfectly know the specifics of working in Veeva projects and have great experience in cooperating with end-users. Our experts are familiar with the platform, and they cooperate closely with Veeva specialists on a daily basis. Thanks to their experience, they can support not only in the SAT (system acceptance testing) phase but also in the UAT (user acceptance testing) phase.


Why us?
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    We are the Veeva Partner

    The status we acquired is proof of our experience and expertise.

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    In the Life Science industry since 2016

    For over 5 years, we operate in Life Science. We build teams of specialists who know and understand the requirements of this industry.

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    Broad range of competencies

    We provide the full spectrum of experts and we can take care of your project – from start to finish.

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    Methodologies knowledge

    Our specialists have been working in Agile projects for years and they know how to adapt to the changing needs of customers.

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