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Salesforce is a leading CRM platform* that offers a range of business support solutions to help organisations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) industry manage their business and improve their customer relationships.

Properly implemented and used CRM benefits organisations from the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech and consumer healthcare companies. Salesforce tools enhance organisational efficiency and allow companies to automate particular procedures. As a result, streamlining workflows reduces the likelihood of human error, which is critical in the HLS industry.

Salesforce offers specific solutions to address the unique needs of companies in Life Sciences sector
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    highly regulated industry

    Salesforce solutions secure the companies need to comply with various regulatory requirements, manage complex product lifecycles, and ensure practical cooperation between internal teams and external partners.

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    importance of customer experience

    Salesforce solutions allow getting to know customers, their preferences and needs and offering them the necessary services and products at the right moment.

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    Salesforce solutions ensure the ability of processes to be easily replicated across different sites, regions, or countries, which is critical for ensuring consistent results and product quality across other markets.

Here are the Salesforce HLS products we are exceptional at tailoring to your business goals.
  • Health Cloud is a Salesforce cloud-based solution specifically designed for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry (HLS). It has all the capabilities of the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud products. By providing, among others, B2B and B2C Data Models, Clinical Data Model and Care Coordination, platform services payers, providers, biotech, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, and consumer healthcare companies. Health Cloud helps HLS organisations to understand customers’ needs thoroughly and access valuable, valid data and insights to drive commercial excellence. Thanks to customer-focused solutions and purpose-built capabilities, it holistically services the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

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  • Build relationships with prospects, patients, and customers by analysing and executing targeted campaigns based on their needs and behaviours. By identifying these two key factors, businesses can target their communication more effectively to each audience, act faster and more innovative, and save money. Unfortunately, due to large and complex data models, many marketing platforms lack the capabilities to meet the needs of pharmaceutical marketing departments. The flexible and scalable data structure of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, combined with the ability to integrate with the Health Cloud, allows teams to interact with customers on their terms across various channels and tailor content to their needs and preferences.

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  • Formerly known as Pardot, Salesforce’s native, scalable B2B marketing automation system. It provides marketing and sales departments with robust tools to use data,  automate marketing, and generate more and better leads. Automatic lead scoring and grading ensure your sales department gets only the most valuable and hottest leads to close deals. Built-in reporting tools help you analyse all your marketing activities and easily calculate and demonstrate your ROI. These activities in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement are continuously integrated into your Sales Cloud in real-time, allowing your sales team to focus on the most qualified leads.

  • Formerly Customer Data Platform (CDP) organises and unifies data across Salesforce and other external data sources. Once data is brought into the data cloud, it can drive personalisation and engagement by creating audience segments. This platform allows companies to gain real-time insights into their marketing performance, enabling them to optimise their campaigns, enhance their customer experience, and improve their ROI. In addition, Marketing Data Cloud provides tools to help organisations monitor and maintain compliance with law regulations and guidelines, including data protection and privacy requirements.

  • Einstein Analytics is an AI-powered analytics solution that helps Life Sciences companies to gain insights into their operations and customer interactions. Einstein Analytics offers features such as predictive analytics, data visualization, and machine learning, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall performance.

Accelerate a digital transformation and succeed with Life Sciences industry-specific solutions

Salesforce’s Life Sciences business support solutions enable companies to meet the unique challenges of their industry and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

The Healthcare & Life Sciences sector has particular requirements due to its complex regulatory environment, stringent data privacy and security laws, and the critical nature of its work. The companies must satisfy these specific demands and need specialised technological solutions tailored to their needs.

Working with a technology provider focusing on the HLS industry will ensure that implemented solutions comply with industry regulations and are secure and practical, providing many benefits, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

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*Gartner recognized Salesforce as a Leader based on its Ability to Execute and Complete its Vision.