How to ensure the IT systems' compatibility with business goals?

The Life Sciences industry constantly evolves with new technologies, regulatory requirements, and customer demands. As a result, organisations are turning to innovative technologies such as Salesforce solutions to manage business operations and stay competitive. Thanks to the complete flexibility of the Salesforce platform, its extensive offer and its vast possibilities, it plays quite an essential role in the Life Sciences industry.

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How beneficial for IT is using Salesforce

Processes and projects in the IT area are today a critical element of the activities of companies in the Life Sciences industry. These are often multi-threaded, multi-month and complex projects involving many different technologies and internal and external stakeholders and, finally, addressing or supporting every business process in the company.

When Life Science companies involve Salesforce consultants, they’re embedded within the organisation to help identify business and technical goals and work with the teams to execute these plans. The typical Salesforce consultant has several domain-specific certifications and at least ten years of experience advising customers with their Salesforce implementations and potential.

At Craftware, we understand the specific needs of Life Sciences organisations

drug researchOur experienced consultants provided the system implementation project, which documents the process of conducting the drug through all stages of clinical trials, from the Early Development Phase to the moment the drug is launched on the market – Lifecycle / Established (post-marketed phase). As a result, a fully custom system ensures tracking the whole process from start to finish, thanks to functions such as validated signal, notification and action management.

stethoscope_iconAnother great example is a project implemented for a global Healthcare and Life Sciences company division responsible for providing medical staff with sets of tools that enable them to order, track, check and consult oncology diagnoses. Thanks to the project, the company generates several benefits, such as time saved through improved efficiency and cost optimization.

Key CRM trends and innovations in the Life Sciences industry

The future belongs to customer experience. It is the foundation for building even more robust and closer customer relationships. A new approach to CRM systems and their evolution towards CXM (Customer Experience Management) are at the centre of this momentum. They will allow for precise prediction of customer expectations and, as a result, provide them with an integrated and personalised experience. These are one of the most important trends that will guide the Life Science industry.

Organisations that know how to stay competitive thanks to CRM, understand a new approach to CRM systems as a central, secure IT system integrated with other ecosystems. They will drive the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

Moving from CRM to CXM
(Customer Experience Management)
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