Our unique and original solution for DevOps dedicated to Life Sciences Salesforce projects

Every organisation wishes to carry out IT initiatives more successfully because it helps them grow and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

DevOps is a working method where a single team creates new functionalities and solves incidents. At Craftware, we call it a holistic approach and practice this bespoke method. That is how we conduct projects for clients from the Life Sciences industry.

How can Life Sciences organisations be more successful with our unique solutions for DevOps?
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    Faster Time-to-Market

    DevOps places a strong emphasis on collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, allowing organisations to release products and services faster without compromising quality

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    Improved Quality and Reliability

    DevOps promotes a culture of continuous improvement, where teams can identify and fix issues quickly

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    Enhanced security

    DevOps can help improve security by implementing security measures early in the development process, continuously monitoring and testing for vulnerabilities

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    Increased efficiency

    DevOps emphasizes automation and streamlining processes, leading to increased efficiency and reduced time and operational costs

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    Better collaboration

    DevOps means collaboration between different teams, such as development, operations, and quality assurance

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    Faster incident response

    DevOps practices can help organizations respond to incidents quickly and efficiently by automating incident management processes, enabling faster response and resolution

Monitoring at Salesforce projects - how to do it?

One of the essential elements of DevOps is monitoring. As Salesforce does not offer a native monitoring tool (or at least not as part of licenses) at Craftware, we created our unique solution in this field. It can be built on top of the Salesforce system. By knowing the correct APIs, trust pages and other components, you can create a platform monitoring system. It can be used for various purposes.

What can be monitored?
  • Salesforce licenses usage
  • System Overview
  • Objects limits
  • Daily or/and hourly limits
  • Apex Code Coverage
Why is it important to monitor your Salesforce platform? 

It allows you to react before any unexpected event happens. This can be achieved by implementing a dedicated mechanism to send notifications to Slack, Teams or any other communication application. In addition, you can increase security thanks to the mechanism that detects unwanted changes. Our unique solutions for DevOps – extensive monitoring – can help organisations detect and resolve issues quickly, minimising the risk of downtime, improving system reliability, and significantly impacting a business’s profitability.

Our unique solutions for DevOps
in Salesforce projects
Salesforce and GxP compliance requirements

Solutions designed and built on the Salesforce platform may include functionalities and features for Life Sciences industries that help customers meet compliance requirements. By implementing GxP best practices, Salesforce’s solution can be GxP compliant for any IT system design.

compliance in HLS
We are experts in FDA and ISO compliance

In Craftware, we understand that meeting regulatory requirements can be challenging. However, we know it’s also essential for running a successful Life Science business. We are experts in FDA and ISO compliance and have helped countless companies in Healthcare and Life Sciences industry. To ensure adherence to internal and regulatory compliance requirements, each deployment of a regulated Salesforce feature should be carried out with consideration for the company’s quality and validation departments.

Salesforce and GxP compliance requirements
Salesforce GxP validation is increasingly in demand
  • Companies are constantly looking to improve their performance, agility, and efficiency of business processes. As a result, they are driving the demand for their use of the Salesforce platform, which can deliver more straightforward, intuitive, agile, and modern solutions.
  • We continue to notice increased demand and use of Salesforce GxP validation and compliance as Life Sciences companies increasingly develop and implement GxP solutions on the platform.
Artur Marek

Salesforce DevOps Expert


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