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Flotman is a manufacturer of proprietary software for vehicle fleet management. The richness of features of Flotman’s system has caused the company to grow dynamically and in just a few years it has achieved a leading position among Polish suppliers of such tools. Flotman also administers the sold systems.




Simplifying and automating the sales process

  • No convenient and well-structured process for transferring leads from different e-mail addresses to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • Configuring the “Business Opportunity” process did not take into account its dependence on the customer category.
  • The transmission of each lead from the mail system to CRM was accompanied by complex logic, which made it difficult to move to the next stage of the sales funnel.
  • An additional difficulty was the need for two interfaces: Classic and Lightning Experience.




Integration of Outlook – Salesforce and implementation of Lighting Experience and Data Loader

  • The “Prospect” process has been structured by prioritizing leads according to the client category in order to pass them on to the appropriate queue.
  • The ability to automatically register Potential Clients from the web page level has been added, increasing the effectiveness of capturing leads.
  • The validation and queuing principles have been configured so that tasks flowing through the “Case” process are distributed among employees based on their qualifications..




Better management of the sales process

  • Increase sales by directing salespersons to the various stages of the sales funnel.
  • Ability to monitor all stages of the sals funnel: Prospect, Conversion, Contacts and Business Opportunity.
  • Reporting information on unused business opportunities through the collection of data on prospectuses and inquiries submitted by them.
  • Collecting customer information and prospectuses in one system.
Customer about us
  • When we decided to implement Salesforce in our company, we had no concrete expectations. We needed a partner who would tell us what his capabilities were and help us make full use of them. Drawing on its experience, the company Craftware brought us through that process quickly and smothly, which allowed us to fully focus on our core business and increase sales.

    Przemysław Auguścik
    Board Member, Flotman
Natalia Wantuch

Senior Account Manager

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