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Generali Polska is one of the biggest insurance and finance groups. It has been present on the Polish market for over 20 years with 3 mln customers using their services. Generali business model is based on three key areas: protection of property and life of individual customers, management of pension accounts, and corporate insurance.


What did the customer gain thanks to Salesforce implementation?

  • The increase of sales managers’ effectiveness by 30%.
  • Consolidated information about the results and planned actions that are updated every 30 minutes.
  • Access to the information about sales results from any device.
  • Planning visits in partnership institutions based on current sales reports.
  • Planning routes on integrated maps with the solution.
  • Departure from working on Excel spreadsheets.
  • During COVID-19, the solution worked perfectly when it came to monitoring remote work of agents.


The challenge

In the partnership sales department, the main product is property insurance. The task of over 100 sales managers throughout Poland is to maintain relations with partners.

Generali, before CRM was implemented, had not had a tool that supported planning and reporting actions, everything was based on extensive Excel spreadsheets. In order to gain access to this data, it was necessary to log from the computer via VPN to the system and to download large files. It would lead to a self-contradictory situation, where the better results partners achieved, the more time the manager needed to devote to download files, which made him less efficient. What is more, reporting the actual status of planned visits was not possible – it was uncertain, which visits had taken place, and which had been canceled. The data from Generali’s many internal systems was collected occasionally and consolidated in excel files, which resulted in managers’ work being planned based on former, not current data.

The only evaluation criterion of managers’ work were financial results of partnership establishments.


The solution

The implementation of CRM on the Salesforce platform required integration with many of Generali’s internal systems.

They were realized thanks to integrations through API systems. It enabled the consolidation of all sales data in one system. The next step was the introduction of the hierarchy of data access and their visualization. Due to the ease of managing the hierarchy, Generali gained flexibility in assigning access to the information for proper departments or individual managers. On the other hand, the data visualization speeded up the possibility of their interpretation to a great extent.

Next, the dynamic maps and integration with Outlook email were implemented to help managers plan actions and communicate with partners.

Image 1 – System requirements


The benefits

The main benefit for Generali Polska of the implementation of CRM on the Salesforce platform is online access from any device to current data that comes from many systems, both internal and external. Depending on the department and system user position, this access is automatically adjusted, thereby increasing work effectiveness and significantly minimizes the time necessary to analyze information.

The system offers many conveniences – the email and calendar integrated with CRM simplify work planning regardless of whether the meetings will be introduced via the calendar or CRM. Automatic notifications reminding about the to-do tasks (e.g., about the visit in the partnership spot, in which the manager has not been for 90 days) or the possibility of sending emails to partners in one mass batch significantly increase managers’ efficiency.

Dynamic maps in the system allow, in a simple way, to plan and report meetings that took place in multi agencies. Each visit that has been made is registered with one click in the mobile application (the system collects the data from GPS).

Reports and dashboards enable monitoring and forecasting sales based on the current data on the results and activities in the partnership network.

Thanks to the CRM system, a 360-degree view was obtained. It contains complete information about the network structure, planned actions as well as current and record results from the entire department.

During the pandemic, in Generali, CRM on the Salesforce platform became the main tool to monitor the remote work.

business case-Generali-System benefits

Image 2 – Benefits of implementing the Salesforce Platform

Business case_Generali

Customer's view on the cooperation
  • Craftware was our guide to the possibilities of the Salesforce platform.

    It is very important to minimize the number of systems. So, we decided to implement modern CRM. We chose Salesforce; however, we did not know the tool – and this is the ocean of possibilities. We needed someone to help us understand how to achieve our goals utilizing this tool. That is why we chose Craftware – it seemed to be our best choice in this journey, and on each occasion, we are proved that the decision was right because we manage to achieve these goals.

    Piotr Bułka
    CIO&COO, Generali Polska
Lidia Sybica

Salesforce Sales Director

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