Your 3-Step Advantage

3 candidates | 2 meetings | 1 new teammate

Just like a rocket launch, a project launch requires special preparation. How do we ensure you take off successfully? The answer lies in Craftware’s staffing services. All you need is 3 steps.

  1. During our verification meeting and expert analysis, we deep-dive into your project needs to create a pre-launch checklist that guarantees a smooth takeoff.
  2. After the verification meeting, we present a short list of 3 candidates. Next, you can verify their skills by meeting with them. We look for the best specialists, and we want to ensure you can talk to at least 2 of the best candidates.
  3. And just like that, you have one new teammate onboard.

All checked. Let’s boost your project with Craftware’s staffing services in 3-2-1!


Explore our wide range of expertise to meet your project needs, from software development to cloud computing, and data analytics. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to deliver the best results. Find a specialist you need or build a dedicated team for your project.

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Craftware in numbers

On a daily basis, Craftawre offers technical consulting services in IT, providing, among other things, project support through our specialists: project managers, service managers, developers, testers, business analysts, or Robotic Process Automation specialists. Our knowledge and more than 14 years of experience enable us to manage the project at every stage – from analysis and testing to maintenance.

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  • 500+
    IT experts on board
  • 14+
    years on the market
  • 100+
    satisfied customers
  • 800+
Benefits of outsourcing IT specialists or a project team
  • system integration

    Scalability flexibility

    Adapt to changing business requirements without the constraints of a fixed internal IT team.

  • efficacy_icon

    More time for business

    Focus on strategic goals, freeing up your internal resources for project-critical activities.

  • Forecasting

    Lower costs

    Save on operational costs and benefit from our staffing solutions.

  • customer-loyalty_icon

    Specialized expertise

    Power up your project team thanks to the vast pool of experts in our Competency Center.

How do we work
Craftware partnerships
  • Veeva Partner 2023

    Veeva Service Partner

    since 2020

  • UiPath Partner Registered

    UiPath Partner

    since 2019

  • Salesforce_Partner_Badge

    Salesforce Partner

    since 2014

Build your team with Craftware outsourcing services
Describe your need and we will contact you within 24 hours!
  • First of all, contact us through the form or email, and describe your needs. For our part, we will provide the necessary specialists and even build a team for a specific project.

  • At Craftware, we have our own Competency Center, but we also have a vast pool of partners. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and source the right expert from our extensive network. We can explore different options to meet your needs.

  • The timeframe may vary depending on the specific requirements, but we strive to provide a specialist as quickly as possible based on your timeline. If we have the right person in our Competency Center, it can take from 3 days to 2 weeks. If a specialist profile that you’re looking for goes over the competencies we already have, it can take up to 4 weeks.

  • We provide end-to-end services, supporting you throughout the entire staffing process, from understanding your needs to candidate selection and onboarding.

  • Yes, we can adapt to the necessary working hours to ensure seamless collaboration and support.

  • Craftware provides the equipment. We can discuss the most suitable arrangement based on your requirements.