Adapting to changing needs

The creation of modern Internet systems is a complex process requiring extensive knowledge and experience of specialists. The market demand for Software Development is high. Therefore, we provide comprehensive frontend, backend (JAVA, Python) and ETL solutions as part of our services. In our ranks, we also have DevOps Specialists and Android Developers.

Our specialists with extensive professional experience, work with such technologies as JAVA, Spring Framework, Python – Django, JavaScript, Angular, LightingWeb Components, Informatica, and Talend. We specialize in Cloud solutions, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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    Build comprehensive solutions

    From small to enterprise-class systems.

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    Use a wide range of competences

    The team includes specialists in Frontend (Angular, LWC) and Backend (Java, Python) technologies.

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    Create modern and safe solutions

    Responsive design – We implement solutions that meet the requirements of various devices.

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    Safely migrate your data

    Take advantage of our experience and consulting in measuring, cleaning, enriching and improving the quality of data.

What software development specialist do you need?
  • Creating modern internet systems is a complex and knowledge-intensive process. Each modern system must meet not only functional but also visual requirements. In order to reach the largest group of recipients, the website must be adapted to all available browsers, various devices and screen resolutions. Frontend developers from Craftware are specialists in the field of responsive design, web security and accessibility.

  • Would you like to build a modern cloud-based system or move your current solution to the cloud? If so, Craftware provides developers to help with this process.

  • Tablets and smartphones took control over the market. If your company is not able to interact with its customers in that way, it loses an opportunity for growth. Craftware specialists can help you design and implement responsive solutions for your company or build a mobile app.

  • Do you want to reduce the implementation time, improve the system security or ensure the high quality of the software and application scalability? Does your company prefer Cloud solutions, or is it about to transition to them? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you need a DevOps Specialist or even the whole team.

  • If you want to carry out your project quickly without losing its quality, you need Python Developers. It is a very comprehensive technology, perfect for building prototypes and MVP projects. Data analysis, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or automation — regardless of what you expect from Python, our developers can help you carry this out. Very often, companies from the fintech and pharma industry look for such specialists.

  • Each dynamically developing organisation introduces new systems, new system versions or replaces applications with more recent solutions. By maintaining several identical systems, we incur additional costs. An even greater price that is difficult to quantify is data loss or loss of data integration. Our ETL specialists provide multidimensional data analysis and data migration processes.

Our certificates

We are certified in the following Cloud Solutions:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • GCP Cloud Developer
Software Dev Certs
Why us?
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    Latest techniques

    Our employees are experts in their fields.

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    Web security experts

    App security is a crucial aspect for us.

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    Experts in the field of accessibility

    Frontend developers ensure that their websites are fully accessible to all users.

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    Knowledge of ETL processes

    We integrate IT systems and migrate data. Our developers will take care of the Change Data Capture mechanisms.

Our Tools
  • java
  • spring
  • javascript
  • angular
  • lighting web component
  • informatica
  • talend

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