The first courses of CRM and Marketing Automation organized by the Kozminski University in cooperation with Craftware have started in October this year. Students will gain knowledge and practical skills to use modern tools that will allow them to navigate efficiently in digital marketing.

Engagement at the highest level

Although the first classes are already over, we are still full of emotions. Students with whom we met during conventions have different experiences of working with CRM systems, but they all show deep engagement in courses. After explaining the basic notions, lecturers conducted the first conceptual workshops that attracted a lot of interest. Despite the fact that the listeners have already been professionally active for several years, they all agree that during these workshops they learn new things which they could use in their work.

I have the pleasure of working with a group of amazingly engaged people who actively attend classes and also willingly carry out the tasks assigned to them. A desire to learn and interact is so big that I have decided to organize additional workshops on CRM strategy. It will allow us to discuss the projects that we will not have time for during scheduled classes – said Przemysław Tomczyk, Ph.D., the Head of Studies.


Workshops with Craftware experts

The first class with our experts will take place in February 2020. At the workshop, we will share knowledge about customer acquisition; we will discuss the ways of generating leads and building customer relationships. The students will learn how to create marketing campaigns, what is the Lead Nurturing, how the analysis and churn determinants look like, and how to build a customer loyalty program.

The Craftware experts’ involvement in teaching classes at this course is mainly practical support. During the workshop, we will not only talk about CRM and Marketing Automation issues but also show the students how to use this knowledge in practice using the Salesforce Platform.


  • Ewa Woźniak
  • Marketing Team Leader at Craftware
  • Has 13 year experience in marketing, PR and communication. At the beginning of her career she worked in the public administrative sector, where she was in charge of promotional activities of government IT projects. For the last 5 years, she has been involved with a commercial sector, where she supports companies in digital marketing, content marketing activities and Public Relations.