Nowadays, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) takes place online. Getting to know your customers from the first contact with a company, conducting them through the sales process, taking care of the exemplary customer service and reacting when they want to dispense with your services – this is the complicated path associated with a customer lifecycle[SS1] . If you would like to know how to model that path, Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation studies are for you. After graduation, you will be prepared for working on the leading CRM platform, that is Salesforce, and on platforms related to Salesforce, based on similar logic.
[SS1]Używam liczby mnogiej świadomie.

What studies will give you?

You will be prepared to take a job in the marketing department in which CRM systems and marketing automation are used. Planning and conducting a CRM campaign will not be a problem for you. You will know how to manage customer relations on every stage of their life in an organization (customer acquisition, development of relationships, sale, service, customer departure). You will learn to use IT tools to maximize sales.

Primarily, you will find yourself well in the positions of:

  • CRM and Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Customer Relations Specialist
  • Sales Support Specialist
  • Business Relations Specialist


What will you learn?

During two semesters:

  • You will get to know the theory of the CRM and Marketing Automation tools
  • You will gain practical knowledge of using the Salesforce platform
  • You will find out how to build a customer acquisition strategy
  • You will know methods of maintaining relationships with a customer
  • You will learn taking actions allowing you to regain lost customer
  • You will prepare yourself to conduct CRM and Marketing Automation campaigns
  • You will know examples of the Salesforce implementation (in medium and large companies)
  • You will prepare yourself for the performance and defending a final project


Tuition fees

  • Entry fee: 200 PLN.
  • Price with a discount for a single payment: 6,800 PLN*.
  • Price with a discount for the Kozminski University graduates: 6,390 PLN* – possibility of payment in two installments, 3,195 PLN each.
  • Regular price: 7,100 PLN – possibility of payment in two installments, 3,550 PLN each.
  • What will you get for the price? About 70% of workshops and lab classes, about 30% theoretical instruction and seminars. Total 180 hours of courses in theory, analyses of examples, exercises and case studies*.
  • Offered discounts (for graduates, discount for a single payment and possible additional discounts) do not combine.


Classes are held once or twice in a month, on Saturdays and Sundays between 8.45 a.m. and 3.45 p.m.

Recruitment lasts until the 15th of September 2019. The planned date for starting studies is October 2019.

*In the case of the insufficient number of candidates, the studies will not be launched.

More information about the studies schedule is available on the Kozminski University website – Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation.

  • A specialist in the field of sales and business development, at first associated with the hospitality industry, then with the IT sector (Java technology and Salesforce). He cooperates with customers on the Polish market as well as international. Currently, he handles the Salesforce platform sales within small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. He focuses on acquiring new customers and taking care of the implementation of the proper solutions and forming cooperation based on customers’ success. He has Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional certification.

  • The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology on the Warsaw University of Technology graduate. His career as a Developer has started from working on the GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Then he has worked in JAVA technology and held the development of CRM systems.

  • Psychologist by education. For 3 years associated with the IT industry and Salesforce. Currently involved in business development, lead generation, organization of business events and broadly understood product marketing. Her activities support the Craftware sales team in reaching new customers and building long-term relationships. A certified Pardot specialist – B2B Salesforce marketing automation tools.

  • An expert in the field of sales and business development for the SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, on the Polish and international markets. At the beginning of his career had been associated with systems from the GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) area, then HR – eRecruiter (Pracuj Group), and for two years now – Salesforce CRM. Currently, he has been directing activities of the sales team at Craftware. He is responsible for acquiring customers, implementing Salesforce solutions at customers in large corporations, and leading cooperation focused on customer success. He has Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional certification.

  • Adjunct Professor at the Marketing Department of Kozminski University. A specialist in the field of CRM (mainly Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Knowledge Value). The graduate of full-time doctoral studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. The creator of the awarded doctoral thesis, “Customer Lifetime Value Management and Firm Performance. Empirical Evidence from Polish Insurance Market” based on the original nationwide analysis of the insurance intermediaries market in the area of managing customer value, developed in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Insurance and Financial Intermediaries.

  • An enthusiast of marketing and new technologies. Managing director and the owner of the Hotel Media Group company. Research assistant at the Kozminski University in Warsaw in the Marketing Department. Business coach and trainer specialized in strategic consulting in the area of Internet marketing and automation of the marketing and sales processes. She is an author of many articles about marketing and management, fulfills her passion, and shares her knowledge also as a guest appearance during university courses (e.g., the Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology and University of Economics, in Cracow). The graduate of doctoral studies at the Kozminski University and the MBA at the University of Bedfordshire.

  • He leads the team responsible for the analytics in the area of customer lifecycle management. He has been participating in projects aiming to increase customer value and sales activation. For ten years associated with the financial industry, and for eight years with PKO Polish Bank. The graduate of the master’s degree at the Warsaw School of Economics (Finance and Accounting) and the Warsaw University (Faculty of Journalism and Political Science), also postgraduate studies Project Management at the Warsaw University and Data Science at Warsaw University of Technology.