But let’s get to the point! What are the changes in the latest version of Salesforce? Below, you can find a subjective choice of the most important novelties and fixes.


Lightning Experience

  • Lightning Experience has been auto-enabled for all organizations and there is no option to permanently turn it off. Of course, individual users can still switch to Salesforce Classic.
  • You can now access the Recycle Bin! ? You no longer need to switch to Classic to restore your deleted leads or opportunities (unfortunately, you will still have to use the Classic interface every time you want to access removed reports and dashboards).
  • Security alerts are more visible now.
  • You can more easily access records related to a specific theme (the Topic feature)
  • You are now able to easily set permissions to edit files attached to records. Also, you can now remove a file from a single record without removing it from other places.
  • If you make custom object layout changes, the changes won’t be visible right away. Instead, they will appear after 1 hour. Of course, there are ways to see such changes taking effect immediately.


Sales Cloud

  • Opportunity Contract Role object can now be customized: you can add custom fields, validation rules, page layouts and so on.
  • Quote Line Items can be sorted with the quick and convenient drag-and-drop method.
  • Teams (such as Account Team or Opportunity Team) working in Lightning Experience can see other members’ access level to a record.
  • You can easily configure the records of other team members.


Service Cloud

  • You can add email recipients to case channels more easily and change message composing modes in a more convenient way.
  • You can monitor the size of email attachments.
  • Availability and statuses of Omni-Channel agents are now color-coded.
  • The content in a case channel that an agent has not read yet is now graphically highlighted, which facilitates agents’ work.
  • A survey is automatically sent to the case contact when their case is closed.


Community Cloud

  • Efficient permission management while setting up new communities.
  • Changes in the visibility of users of different types (guests and community users) as well as personal data fields in records (as a security measure).

We can expect that the next update will be available in the spring. We are eagerly looking forward to what Salesforce is going to prepare for us.

If you would like to find out about the details of the latest Salesforce update, we encourage you to check out their official release notes.


  • Aleksandra Pasek
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • She has been involved in the IT industry and Salesforce for three years. At the moment, she works on business development, generating leads, organizing business events and widely understood product marketing. She supports Craftware’s sales team reaching new customers and building long-term relationships with them. A certified Pardot specialist, a tool for automation of B2B Salesforce marketing.

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