What is the Salesforce Academy?

The Salesforce Academy is an initiative addressed to students/graduates of higher education establishments; to employees who would like to change their career paths and those who have little experience in the labor market. With a view to different addressees of the Academy, we realize four development paths: programming, testing, IT consulting, and analytical.

The Academy is held twice a year, and every edition lasts three months. The study program is created on real project examples, and it has a practical dimension. Also, it prepares to work on commercial requests. The best proof of this is the fact that the vast majority of the Academy graduates are employed by us and work for our customers.


The fifth edition of the PARP competition

The aim of the competition organized by the Polish Agency of Enterprise Development is the highlighting of employers who lead initiatives enabling acquiring knowledge or the evolution of competencies wanted in the labor market.

Sixty initiatives were submitted for this year’s competition. Employers applying for the award in the competition had to prove that their activities are comprehensive, were prepared thoughtfully, and participating in them contributes to the knowledge or employees’ skills increase. Competition entries were judged by a thirteen-member jury whose chairman was vice president of the PARP, Adam Banaszak.

The distinction in the Employer of Tomorrow competition confirms our belief that the direction we took at Craftware is the right one. We believe that it is the man who is our greatest asset, and we develop our business in this belief. We launched the Academy because of two reasons. The first one is the desire to educate people who will join our ranks in the future. And the second one is the desire to share the knowledge with those who are just starting their career or want to change its direction. We are glad our actions help others in finding their career path – said Jacek Zawłocki, CEO of Craftware.


  • Ewa Woźniak
  • Marketing Team Leader at Craftware
  • Has 13 year experience in marketing, PR and communication. At the beginning of her career she worked in the public administrative sector, where she was in charge of promotional activities of government IT projects. For the last 5 years, she has been involved with a commercial sector, where she supports companies in digital marketing, content marketing activities and Public Relations.