Salesforce summer update

Three times a year Salesforce releases the new version of products, each time enriched by new features. Changes enter into force at the same day for users all around the world. What’s more important, they do not affect customers’ individually matched processes.

Below we present the most important changes divided into Salesforce products that occurred with the newest update:

Sales Cloud

  • The ability to easily forecast sales results without necessity of entering advanced configurations. Now salespeople are able to see sales forecasts for all territories.
  • Easy addition and edition of quotes in quotes management.
  • The possibility of creating more attractive e-mail messages.
  • The new view for managers, showing in a clear way tasks of other people from their teams and tasks realization.
  • E-mail notifications for new tasks assigned to salespeople.
  • An easy way to filter events, e.g. appointments with clients, thanks to the new view and a possibility of creating recurring events.
  • For users of Community license, Salesforce added the option of sending individual e-mail messages to each recipient in the list of users instead of one e-mail to the whole group.


Service Cloud

  • New security associated with customers’ sensitive data and encryption of employees’ conversations from the service department.
  • Customers are able to set, modify and cancel appointments with agents.
  • New ways of using knowledge base for agents.
  • Easier organization of conferences with the Chat tool.
  • The possibility of getting back to already finished conversation, if customer’s issue was solved.
  • The option to contact the customers by Apple Business Chat.
  • New types of reports to simplify monitoring of problem solving by the customer service department.


Community Cloud

  • New features improving tool usability and functionality. Easier content sharing with communities, creating working materials outside the communities and assigning role based partial accesses.
  • The report module allowing external users to delete reports straight form their communities.
  • The ability to easy and mass record edit.


Another portion of improvements and news at Salesforce at the beginning of winter. We encourage you to keep your finger on the pulse and follow our blog. If you are interested in technical details, visit the website with release notes.


  • Aleksandra Pasek
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • She has been involved in the IT industry and Salesforce for three years. At the moment, she works on business development, generating leads, organizing business events and widely understood product marketing. She supports Craftware’s sales team reaching new customers and building long-term relationships with them. A certified Pardot specialist, a tool for automation of B2B Salesforce marketing.

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