• 6th place of Craftware among the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the industrial sector, that is, one notch higher in the ranking than in 2020.
  • 11th place in the group of companies with the highest revenues from the sales of custom-made software in Poland in 2021.

This confirms the stable position of Craftware on the Polish IT market and validates our business approach, that is, supporting customers in the design, implementation, and operation of cloud solutions.

The ITwiz BEST 100 Report 2022 edition – a knowledge source about the condition of the Polish ICT industry

The ITwiz BEST 100 report ranks companies present on the Polish market from the ICT industry, manufacturers, and suppliers of IT solutions and services, according to the sales results from 2021.

The report is a source of reliable knowledge about the condition of the ICT industry in Poland. It describes the strategies of the market leaders in Poland and offers an analysis of customers’ needs.

Increasing employment in the IT industry and shortages of candidates

The last two years have not been easy for the Polish economy which still struggles with the effects of the pandemic. However, the report results show that 69% of IT companies participating in the survey increased employment, as well as the level of salaries of IT specialists. The dynamic ICT industry can quickly adapt to new technological trends and adequately respond to the current – demanding – market situation. This industry directly influences the development of modern technological solutions in Poland.

At the same time, the authors of the report and companies participating in the study emphasize the lack of IT candidates on the labor market. The pandemic rapidly influenced the development of the remote work model, not only in Poland. This has opened up a foreign labor market for Polish employees. Now, they can provide work for companies located outside our country working from home in Poland.

At Craftware, we look at the market in the long run. Today’s shortage of specialists significantly affects the capabilities of many organizations. Therefore, thinking about the need for competent IT employees who will take care of business continuity and systems security in companies, we run the Craftware Academy. We train new staff of IT specialists: Salesforce consultants, developers, testers, scrum masters, and analysts.

As a provider of body leasing and team leasing services, we support organizations with acknowledged experts who provide work of the highest quality. Thanks to our well-qualified specialists, companies can bridge staff gaps and secure critical areas for the functioning of business processes.

IT market as a pandemic-proof one

According to the results of the ITwiz Best 100 Report, sales of IT products and services amounted to approximately $15.7 billion in 2021. A year earlier, in 2020, it was USD 13.33 billion, and in 2019 – USD 12.24 billion. The large increases observed over the past two years confirm the resilience of the industry. The pandemic forced a change of approach to business processes. Moreover, it accelerated the development of companies from all industries in the area of digitization and digital transformation. As a result (after the initial projects’ suspension), it forced investments in IT solutions, speeding up the above-mentioned processes even more. In the first year of the pandemic, companies underwent a change in processes aimed at remote work. In the next year, 2021 (included in this year’s edition of the report), investments in technological solutions that facilitate business are in the foreground.

Sales of IT services and solutions for the industrial sector in 2021

The total revenue from the sale of IT solutions and services for the industrial sector in 2021 amounted to PLN 2.0 billion (vs. PLN 1.3 billion in 2020). Craftware is ranked 5th among the largest suppliers of IT products and services to the industry sector. Digitization of production processes opens up new opportunities in industrial companies. It allows them to shorten the production process, facilitates quicker adjustment of the production plan even in a very changeable environment, or enables keeping control in the face of a disruption of the supply chain. Automation of repetitive processes (such as reporting or data collection) saves time and optimizes further related processes in the company.

Cybersecurity gets more and more importance 

High growth in sales of IT equipment was very characteristic for the last two years. This resulted, among other things, from the already mentioned new model of remote work. Remote learning is another factor that created the need to purchase equipment enabling work and learning. We should also put on the list elements such as online shopping, banking, medical advice, and e-prescriptions. Cybersecurity becomes one of the main strategic goals of enterprises as more and more areas of life and business move into the virtual world. Cloud solutions are currently used in every sector: financial, insurance, automotive, industrial, e-commerce, telecommunications, public administration, and health care. Nowadays, all employees of IT departments face the real challenge of security monitoring and incident prevention.

Custom-made software produced in Poland in 2021

The use of new technologies seems to be very common. However, sometimes the nature of business processes in various organizations (or the characteristics of a given industry) requires a completely different approach to the customer’s expectations. Therefore, ensuring the effectiveness of implemented technologies is a real challenge.

Craftware took 11th place among the companies with the highest revenues from the sale of custom-made software in Poland in 2021. When working with customers, we always carefully analyze all aspects of their situation, and then propose various solutions and options. The custom software solutions enable our customers to gain a business advantage. It allows for better adapting of the system to both business and human needs.

The Orange Poland Capital Group 

The report indicates that the Group’s companies, belonging to the dynamically developing IT suppliers in Poland, have confirmed their strong position among companies in the ICT industry.

The Orange Poland Capital Group came 3rd in the ranking of the largest capital groups in the IT industry in 2021. In turn, Orange Polska took 3rd place in the ranking of suppliers to the media sector and 8th among the companies with the highest revenues from the sales of security solutions.

Integrated Solution is ranked 2nd on the list of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the public sector and Transport & Logistics. It ranks 3rd among the largest integrators operating in Poland and 4th among the largest providers of security solutions.

BlueSoft ranks 3rd among the companies with the largest revenues from the sale of the application implementing services and 8th place on the list of the largest providers of IT services and solutions for the banking sector. That’s two notches higher than in 2020.

ITwiz Best100 Report – forecasts for the future

Representatives of the ICT industry in Poland look into the future with limited optimism. It is caused by rising inflation, which negatively affects the entire economy of the country. With a weak Polish zloty and rising interest rates, most large investments can be held back. Everyone is also aware of the international situation and war in Ukraine, close to the eastern borders of Poland. This will be reflected in smaller increases in 2022 due to fewer orders.

At the same time, the authors of the report predict that the market will grow steadily regarding cloud computing, cybersecurity, analytics and BigData, AI, automation, and robotics services. Organizations will successively move parts of their infrastructure and systems to the cloud – gradually, without a total “cloud life.”

More information about 2022 edition of the ITwiz BEST100 Report can be found at itwiz.pl


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