6th place among the largest IT solutions and services providers for the industrial, construction, and manufacturing sectors. 8th place as one of the largest providers of RPA systems and business process automation. 13th position among the largest providers of integration services. This is the most important information considering Craftware and our presence on the Polish IT market.

Source of knowledge about IT industry

For 30 years already, Computerworld Polska has been preparing its annual, comprehensive report on the domestic ICT industry and its key suppliers. It is a primary point of reference for decision-makers, from CEOs and board members to IT managers, as well as for ICT companies seeking information about market leaders in particular segments. It is also a proven source for IT specialists, analysts, and salespeople who look for organizations that invest in their teams’ competencies.

Crisis-proof industry

We all remember that 2020 was the year of the pandemic, and yet the ICT industry proved to have high growth. Taking into consideration the unstable economic situation, it was a spectacular success for the entire sector. This confirms that the IT industry has been flexible enough to react quickly to economic difficulties.

The ICT industry ended 2021 with a growth of almost 20%, similar to 2020. As a crisis-proof industry, it can boast revenues of PLN 89 billion (vs. PLN 75 billion in 2020). We can see the dynamics of the growth when we refer to economic data – inflation in 2020 was 3.2%, and in 2021 it was already 5.1% (8.6% in December alone). Additionally, 2021 was the second year of the pandemic. This proves that the ICT industry is strong, despite the difficult situation in which it operates.

Challenges of the industry

This year’s issue of TOP200 focuses on the challenges of the industry and the lack of IT specialists on the job market. Certainly, one of the reasons for this situation is the acceleration of digitalization in recent years. Organizations have realized that technology is essential if they want to develop and stay at the forefront. The business climate is very good – there are a lot of projects and a high demand for employees. At Craftware, we know how skilled IT professionals can influence the potential of companies and their ability to respond to various situations in changing conditions (the pandemic or the Russian invasion of Ukraine).

Therefore, as a technology partner, within the body and team leasing services, we provide support to customers with specialized IT consultants. Relying on 13 years of experience in working with customers, we developed the idea of ​​tandems, that is, delegating two specialists to the project – a junior and a senior.

367 companies in this year's TOP200 ranking

The value of sales to the industrial and construction sectors increased by as much as 34%, which shows that digitization in these areas has accelerated. Craftware ranks 6th among the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the industrial, construction, and production sectors.

Automation and savings

Modern technology can help resolve the previously-mentioned challenges and other difficulties faced by CEOs and IT departments in many companies. It enables the automation of business processes by using software that imitates human work. Software, such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which Craftware implements, enables the automation of repetitive, manual processes, reducing the risk of errors to a minimum. Most importantly, implementing RPA in the company optimizes processes, visibly reduces costs, and enables employees to use their time and skills for strategic tasks.

In the TOP200 list of 2021, we took 8th place among the largest providers of RPA systems and business process automation.

As the authors of the report write, automated solutions have become essential for the development of many organizations.


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Data centers and software integration

In recent years, Poland has seen a significant acceleration in the development of data centers. Certainly, it results from the growing awareness of many organizations that secure data storage and management is fundamental to a company’s operation.

Craftware provides software integration services, and we ranked as the 13th largest provider of integration services in 2021 with a 31% increase in revenue in this area.

Orange Polska Capital Group

When reading the report, we see that companies of the Group, which are among the fastest-growing IT providers in Poland, have confirmed their strong position in the area of digital transformation. They showed high year-on-year growth. The revenue of Integrated Solutions was over PLN 700 million in 2021, while BlueSoft and Craftware grew by 27% compared to 2020.

Integrated Solutions ranked 1st on the list of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the transport, shipping, and logistics sectors. It also ranked 2nd on the list of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the public administration and uniformed services sectors. This confirms that building and implementing the e-services platform for the City Hall of Warsaw was a success.

BlueSoft ranked 7th among the largest providers of software testing services and 10th on the list of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the banking sector.

We are very pleased that @Group Orange ranked 5th among Leaders of digitalization in Poland. For us, as a member of the Group, it is a motivation for further development and also confirmation that we have chosen the right path.

More information about the jubilee edition of the TOP 200 Report can be found at computerworld.pl


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