In June, the Computerworld TOP200 report on the Polish ICT market was released. How did Craftware and other Orange Group companies perform? You can read about it below.

Craftware’s results

Computerworld TOP200 is a comprehensive report on the Polish ICT industry. It contains over 60 statements presenting how Polish telecommunications and IT companies perform in particular sectors and industries.

We ranked:

  • #10th place in the Largest Cloud Service Providers in 2020 category,
  • #6th place in the Providers of IT solutions and services to the industrial, construction, and manufacturing sectors category,
  • #19th place in the IT companies with the largest increase in employment in the 2020 category.

We also ranked as the 17th largest IT staffing provider in 2020 with a growth rate of 24%, reflecting our growing strength and capabilities in the team and body leasing.


Stronger together

Other companies that are – just like us – a part of the Orange Group also achieved excellent results. Orange Polska is the largest provider of telecommunication services in Poland and is also in the top 3 companies with the highest R&D expenditure. According to the report, Integrated Solutions is the third-largest integrator on the Polish market. It also ranks second among the largest providers in the public sector and the transport and logistics industry. Bluesoft is ranked 6th among software service providers and 10th in the group of integration service providers.


2020 was an exceptional year for Craftware. In December, we joined the Orange Group, and in those 12 months, we grew by nearly 50%. In May 2021, we welcomed our 400th employee. Everything indicates, therefore, that Craftware will rank higher on the next report.

More information on the report’s results can be found here.


  • Konrad Sikora
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Expert in the field of marketing and business development. For almost 3 years associated with the IT industry, previously he was responsible for business development in consulting and training companies. At Craftware he is in charge of marketing for the corporate clients’ division.

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