We do it our way. Our way, because, at Craftware, we don’t like boredom and following beaten tracks. To us, implementing a project or a service always means a partnership approach that is not limited by the rigid framework of formal supplier-customer communication.

Such dull, although professional, naming doesn’t completely reflect our partnership approach. In body leasing, both a customer and an employer are our partners – we ensure the comfort and well-being of both parties. For this reason, we believe that the right match between the person and the project or a task is the foundation of long-term cooperation.

Body leasing – an advantage

If we do it our way, then how do we do it? How is the outsourcing of specialists done in Craftware way? I’ll tell you about our offer and what distinguishes us from others in a series of articles.

Let me start with an explanation: our way doesn’t mean that we’ve revolutionized outsourcing and turned everything upside down. Main assumptions (rules), typical for this type of service, have been applied in the market for a long time, and we also stick to them. However, we show that you can outsource specialists in a different way – hiring employees is more than just patching staffing holes up and sending people to projects for a specified period of time, contrary to how it’s done by typical contractor companies.

But before you get to know our distinctive factors, and what we call our advantage, added value, let’s come back to the most important information – what is body leasing and what benefits does it bring?


According to the definition…

…body leasing means hiring a specialist with specific competences from a supplier. They join the customer’s team for the duration of a project and work there on behalf of a supplier, such as Craftware. In body leasing, the remuneration is usually calculated based on the Time & Material (T&M) model. It means a product of an hourly rate specified in the offer (agreement) and the number of hours worked per month.

The company making a decision to use this service, for various reasons, doesn’t want to or can’t increase staffing – the costs are the most common reason, especially if a contract of employment is the most common form of employment. Then, hiring specialists from a supplier, such as Craftware, is a more cost-effective option. A supplier, who’s got specialists on board, can delegate them swiftly, and, at the same time, becomes responsible for all labor costs.

You lease – you gain…

time and money. For a customer, savings start at the recruitment process that is time-consuming and expensive, entailing a high level of risk. It’s not just about the standard costs of sourcing candidates and the costs of the next stages of the recruitment process. It’s also about considering how to get the time and money back that were invested in the employed candidate who, however, hasn’t proved themself. Body leasing enables avoiding this risk – it’s on the side of a supplier who’s got plenty of employees on offer right away. It’s possible because the supplier conducts the recruitment process continuously. In addition, a supplier often specializes in a particular area – in our case, it’s the IT industry, and, more specifically, Life Sciences in which we have several years of experience. It’s easier for us than for a customer to find people who’ve got desired skills. Therefore, the domain knowledge offered by our consultants is often crucial during the recruitment process.


Team Leasing Craftware

Savings not only relate to the recruitment process but also staff costs. When a company hires a full-time employee, what if the project ends and there is no next one? Transferring an employee to an ongoing project or another department isn’t always possible. Hence, flexibility is often mentioned as one of the benefits of body leasing. When the project covered by the agreement with a supplier ends, the agreement itself and the so-called employee allocation end, we shake hands and part ways. Of course, the agreement can be extended when the specialist has proved themself and another project is in sight. But if not, the cooperation ends, and it’s not accompanied by emotions or challenges that take place during the agreement termination.

In project work, you also need to take into account a pessimistic scenario, for example, the project implementation was planned for six months, but the planned work fell apart, and there’s no more budget for it. Then, the aforementioned flexibility comes in handy. Thanks to this attribute, a not-so-optimistic scenario can have quite a positive ending – in body leasing, a customer can agree with a supplier on a notice period of a provided service (usually a month). The customer, as needed, can take advantage of this safety measure, without bearing additional costs.


Body leasing for two weeks?

It’s possible. There’s no minimum period necessary to sign an agreement. You’re also free to decide for how long you allocate an employee – a specialist is sometimes needed on a full-time basis (this is what a customer usually expects), but occasionally on a part-time basis, for instance, for project management. If you have such an employee, you have to make sure that the other half of their day is filled as well. Whereas, when you cooperate with a supplier, you can agree that they’ll work on a part-time basis for three months.

The so-called fractional allocations or short-term agreements take place in an emergency situation. Testing is a good example – a project comes to an end, testing support is needed, and the company notices that they won’t deliver the final product to the customer on time if they decide to conduct the tests on their own. In this case, an extra pair of hands would be helpful – for two weeks or a month. Opening a new recruitment process for a prospective employee, who would be employed for two weeks, would be unprofitable and impossible to do. The recruitment process would last longer than the employment. But, when you address this issue to a supplier, for sure, they’ll offer you an available specialist, as we say it using the body leasing way of talking – they’re on the bench.


Body leasing – with what and how do we help?

About that, and above all, about our distinctive factors, I’ll write in the next articles. Right now, I want to mention that we can support your projects at any stage of their implementation. We have specialists in the following fields:

We can offer you not only body leasing, that is, individual specialists, but also a project team within the team leasing option. We also have advanced team leasing on offer. More details soon!


  • Sławomir Patrzałek
  • Sales Manager
  • Although he graduated from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw majoring in Tourism and Recreation, for over ten years, he has been professionally involved with the IT industry. He’s been working at Craftware for over four years. Currently, as a Sales Manager in the BU Team Leasing, he is responsible for ongoing care and support of the company’s corporate customers (SPOC), as well as searching for new business opportunities. He specializes in providing IT services, such as advanced team and body leasing or complex project implementation. Enthusiast of active leisure, especially keen on mountain biking, and a fan of basketball and the NBA league.

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