In order to serve customers well, you need to know them thoroughly

The approach to customer service has changed extremely in recent years. This is mainly due to the Internet. Customers are becoming less and less patient, they demand answers to their questions quickly – this applies both to willingness to make purchases as well as support after making the transaction. For many entrepreneurs, this is a tough nut to crack, because as the number of customers increases, the ability to remember or collect data about them and to quickly process them is reduced.

The 360-​​degree view on the Salesforce platform can be the answer to this problem. The name of this functionality very well reflects the essence of what benefits it brings. It collects all data about customers and allows you to look at their activities from the perspective of every contact – from marketing, through sales to service. Such knowledge is invaluable to any enterprise. How can you use it?


Personalization of activities towards the customer – this is how you can use the 360-degree view on the Salesforce platform

The more you know about the customer, the more personalized the services you can offer him. It is not only about support after purchase but also the preparation of personalized marketing campaigns or offers of products and services for almost every customer. The 360-​​degree view makes it possible to synchronize the activities of many departments of the company which, despite needing to cooperate without in-depth knowledge about the customer, his needs and expectations, operate “blind” or based on inconsistent data, collected independently by each department. Thanks to the 360-degree view available on the Salesforce platform and the analyzed data, it is possible to coordinate all activities that are in any way connected with the acquisition and maintenance of the customer – from marketing and communication, through sales, support and offering other products or services.


Anticipating a customer’s actions – possible thanks to in-depth analysis of his behavior from the past

Multi-channel customer service and accurate familiarity with his habits can also enable predictions of his future behavior – when will he start to be interested in a product or service, when is it worth contacting him or presenting marketing materials on a given topic? There are many possibilities, and the goal of them all is to make the customer feel that his needs have been well defined and satisfied. Only a 360-degree view of the customer, supported by artificial intelligence, gives this possibility because it is based on detailed data. Other methods are only a more or less accurate guess, which – if it turns out to be wrong – may turn out to be unsatisfactory or even discourage the customer from further cooperation and purchases. It is necessary to emphasize that the longer data on different customer activity is collected, the 360-​degree view is fuller, and the individual approach options are greater.


Synergy, efficiency, competitiveness

Accurate personalization is the future of all commercial and service activities. However, to be able to enter this trend, you need to gather as much valuable information about the customers. No other way of collecting data allows you to get to know their behavior as closely as the 360-​​degree view available on the Salesforce platform. Thanks to this tool, you can create synergies in the company and coordinate the activities of individual departments to achieve the best results, which consume much less resources than service without the support of in-depth data available for each department of the company.

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  • Aleksandra Pasek
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • She has been involved in the IT industry and Salesforce for three years. At the moment, she works on business development, generating leads, organizing business events and widely understood product marketing. She supports Craftware’s sales team reaching new customers and building long-term relationships with them. A certified Pardot specialist, a tool for automation of B2B Salesforce marketing.