Summer is in full swing, and that means that, like every year, Salesforce has prepared for us an extensive package of changes, known as the Summer Release. Read this article for a subjective selection of the most important updates.

If you haven’t yet heard what Salesforce releases are, let me explain: three times a year, Salesforce introduces updated versions of its applications, enriched with new functionalities and improvements. The changes are effective the same day (or within two days) for all users worldwide and do not affect the customized processes existing at the customers’ organizations.

What changes are available in the new Salesforce update? We have prepared a subjective selection of news and fixes below.

General changes

  • A new app (Your Account) is available; it enables adding licenses, products, and management of the already existing ones, as well as browsing the catalog of available products, and submitting a request. Read more

Summer Release_A new app_Your Account

  • There’s a new tab in Lightning Usage App – Active Licenses; it allows monitoring active, assigned, and available licenses. Read more

Summer Release_Active Licenses

  • The font changes from Salesforce Sans to Sans-Serif so that the webpage efficiency and readability are improved. Read more
  • The ability to save a dashboard as a PNG file. Read more

Summer Release_dashboards

  • New section on the page with Picklist details; section shows the number of active and inactive values with the maximum allowed number for both these value types. Limits remain the same. Read more

Summer Release_picklist


Sales Cloud

  • Adding Account to campaign as a Campaign Member is available now. Read more

Summer Release_campaign member

Summer Release_campaign history

  • The ability to create reports based on the Email Message object was added. Read more

Summer Release_email reports

  • When the attendee browses through the event details, the name of an organizer is visible. Read more

Summer Release_event organizer

  • When creating monthly recurring events, the events for the following months are automatically scheduled for the same day the cycle starts. Read more

Summer Release_new event

Service Cloud

  • The support of Email alerts was added for the new Case Email Threading. Read more
  • The size of emails sent from quick action Case Email was increased. Read more


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