Media CRM can offer significant financial benefits for media organisations. Thanks to automation and AI tools, the system streamlines various processes, such as customer support, sales management and marketing campaigns. This can reduce manual tasks’ time and labour costs, leading to noticeable savings.

Media CRM is built on the Salesforce platform, so it comes with the best security, automation, and configuration features Salesforce is known for. It has been configured to suit the needs of media companies to rapidly design, launch, and monetise media experiences from anywhere. Its pre-built applications, specialised architecture, tools, and data models tailored to the media industry eliminate the need for multiple separate systems by centralising customer data and interactions. This reduces software and maintenance costs and the need for extensive training on various systems.

Let’s learn how Media CRM positively impacts ad sales, marketing teams, and IT, optimising operational costs and improving overall efficiency.

  • Media companies report decreased IT costs, such as support, admin, development, and integration by 23% with Media CRM solutions.

    *Internal Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Database

Integration and interoperability

Media CRM can integrate with various business tools and systems, creating a centralised repository for all customer-related data. This reduces data silos and ensures consistency across departments. This allows for seamless data flow and automation of cross-system processes. This, in turn, reduces manual data entry and potential errors.

CRM enable the automation of routine tasks performed by sales or marketing departments. Automating these workflows reduces the manual workload on employees, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Integration and interoperability
A leap towards future-ready technology

One of the most compelling advantages of Media CRM is its ability to revolutionise IT operations within media companies. By replacing legacy technologies with best-in-class, low-code cloud solutions, Media CRM reduces reliance on outdated systems and significantly cuts down IT spending.

Media CRM is setting a new standard for IT efficiency in the media industry:

  • Reduced dependency on legacy systems: move away from cumbersome, outdated technology, lower maintenance costs, and the need for specialised IT support.
  • Enhanced developer productivity: with low-code platforms, developers can focus on innovation rather than routine maintenance. Media CRM has been reported to increase developer productivity by an impressive 25%*, thanks to its user-friendly interface and pre-built functionalities.
  • Faster application deployment: quicker application development and deployment, with companies experiencing a 26%* boost in deployment speed. This rapid turnaround is crucial in the fast-paced media sector, allowing companies to adapt swiftly to market changes.
  • Cost efficiency: a 23%* reduction in custom development with Media CRM extensive customisation options out of the box.
Brand Experience
Ad Operations staff productivity

Media organisations know perfectly well how time-consuming and complicated it can be to manage the implementation of marketing campaigns. Collaboration between various departments, coordination of activities and communication with customers consume a lot of valuable hours that could be spent on other strategic tasks.

With Media CRM and its process automation tools and industry-specific data model, your team can reduce campaign implementation time by 38 minutes* and reduce the clicks in systems by 71 to implement a marketing campaign for a client.

Improvement in Ad Ops productivity
Self-service for SME to purchase ads and bundles

The self-service portal for SME customers relieves the burden on your sales team. A product catalogue managed by a business administrator is a milestone in improving sales processes. The self-service portal for regional and SME clients enables publishers to present themselves as modern and adapted to the digital reality, which translates into time savings for sales teams and the potential development of relationships with small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • A Zendesk survey found that 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a support agent. This is great news for businesses: self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to customer support, and companies that want to capitalise on this trend should focus on providing easy-to-use customer self-service portals.
  • Gartner says that failing to consider the preferences and expectations of younger generations when it comes to self-service can have severe consequences for customer loyalty and brand reputation.
The self-service portal for SME customers
Other benefits of using Media CRM
  • Fast Time-to-Value

    Fast Time-to-Value

    Purpose-built apps, integrations, and data models customised for the media industry. The system was designed to speed deployment and drive the monetisation vision.

  • Scalable infrastructure

    Scalable infrastructure

    Media CRM grows with your organisation. This eliminates the need for significant upfront investment in hardware and reduces the burden on IT staff to maintain and upgrade servers and other infrastructure.

  • AI Analytics and reporting

    AI Analytics and reporting

    Its predictive analytics capabilities enable businesses to forecast future trends and prepare accordingly. This can help in optimising inventory, staffing, and marketing efforts.

  • media revenue

    Media Revenue

    Media industry-specific processes, automated pricing, and discounts – the entire media sales process can be handled by a single platform, which reduces errors and friction and increases sales velocity.

Media CRM will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the media industry

Media CRM is instrumental in streamlining operations and technology infrastructure. It enables media organisations to operate more efficiently, adapt to change quickly, and provide superior customer service. These are key to maintaining competitive advantage in the modern business landscape. Media CRM offers a unified solution that caters to the diverse needs of ad sales, ad ops, marketing, and IT departments. By fostering collaboration, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs, Media CRM enables media companies to navigate the complexities of the modern digital landscape with greater agility and confidence.


*Internal Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Database

**data from Craftware internal case study for one of the biggest publishers in CEE

Mateusz Ostopinko

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