Competencies from the Salesforce area

The agreement is necessary and essential, but it is just a piece of paper, even if it says about particular specialists (or rather: competencies) required in the case of the Salesforce platform service. It is impossible to include in the agreement that every person of the Managed Service team is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge of a specific Salesforce area (and sometimes it can be a narrow range as Salesforce is an extensive technology). Each of these persons will bring to your company the expertise and experience valued in the IT industry. The market already lacks IT specialists, and the demand for them will increase due to the market dynamics.


Competencies that will stay in the company

Our specialist will enrich your business with their competencies from the Salesforce area – and this can be taken literally as we do not keep all the system knowledge on our side, we do not keep the ins and outs of Salesforce just to ourselves (which is common). What does it mean? When as a vendor, we support the system, often for years, we simply feel it. We do not need to write down all our actions for our use, as not everything is possible to be recorded, but we do that for customers and, with them in mind, we keep technical records for their Salesforce platforms.

Usually, it is difficult for a new vendor to quickly supplement the lack of several years of experience that the previous vendors had. We make sure that there are no situations on our behalf in which there is no documentation or – if there is – the documents are completely incomprehensible to the new service provider.


System operational continuity

Incidents and solving them are our daily routine. They are unavoidable and unpredictable. Based on our experience in maintaining Salesforce systems, we can assume that, for example, the fewer users, the more requests we expect. But there are no ground rules, and, in practice, different things may happen.

Let’s take the example of such a situation: in a given month, we already solved a certain number of incidents reported by the Salesforce users, and let it be a hundred. What if there would be a few times more of them, or even several? Then, we would deal with it anyway – a contract with a customer is drawn up to include a provision about the tolerance number of incidents (for example, 20 percent). As the service provider, we take responsibility for the Salesforce platform’s continuous operation; we do not measure our support from–to.  The customer does not have to be concerned that if something that is not precisely defined in the agreement happens, they will be left alone with this problem.


Operational continuity – also in a crisis

The Salesforce system operation guarantee given by the service provider is of great importance not only in the case of usual everyday errors but especially in emergencies. The Covid pandemic is a good example as it made it necessary to implement in customers’ IT systems many changes and improvements. For us, as Managed Service providers in Salesforce, this meant going beyond rigid frames of the agreement with the customer and taking extra actions. If not for our flexible approach and openness to the customer’s needs, a quick adaptation of the Salesforce platform to a new situation probably would not be possible (or at least, would be very challenging). We were, and we are ready to rapidly react to changes, as so it was in the case of the recent Covid-related events. Together with the customer, we set priorities and established a new operational hierarchy.


The partner relationships

A vendor-customer. The first one issues an invoice, the second one – pays it. Managed Service in Salesforce might be carried out in an impersonal manner, but not in Craftware’s case. The support we provide for Salesforce systems within Managed Service is not only a formal contact. We always strive to build a partnership relation with customers; we have in mind not only the system’s development but also the customer’s business growth. We care that customers feel they are important to us and that we take care of them; they can count on us. Of course, by the end of the month, an invoice is issued; however, it is not intended to be an end in itself . The same thing is with the agreement on which the service is based. Our goal is to make the Salesforce platform provide an optimal value for an organization.

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  • Maja Skowrońska
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  • IT is her natural living environment. She has been working in services since 2014. She focuses on building relations – both with a customer as well as within the service team. Always aims to maximize provided value.

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