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IT departments are currently in a tough situation – an average organization uses many more technologies than a few years before. So their proper functioning is the key to the smooth operation of the business part of an organization. Simultaneously, technology is expected to optimize costs and continuously develop tools it is responsible for. These are usually costly and problematic issues, especially in the case of Salesforce technology, which shows a shortage of high-class specialists.

These requirements, as well as a limited number of available experts, contributed to the emergence of a new type of service – Managed Service. What is Managed Service? What are its crucial aspects, and what is worth paying attention to when choosing an IT vendor that will help you maintain and develop Salesforce solutions? What benefits can be brought by the properly implemented service, and how to achieve Return on Investment (ROI)?

We answered those questions in the whitepaper. We described the most important Salesforce Managed Service issues, and we presented three business cases of global organizations that have decided to use this solution at Craftware.

What is included in the report?
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In the whitepaper, we present stories of customers using Salesforce solutions.
  • Managed service that supports users 24/5

    Salesforce Sales Cloud, used by 3000 users worldwide, required ongoing support after migrating to a new Salesforce instance. The support included the handling of user queries, solving errors, and ensuring system development.

    In the report, we describe how the service was organized in the DevOps model to support users globally 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • The service for 5.5 thousand Salesforce users

    Salesforce Service Cloud system, used in the EMEA region by 5500 users, serves, among others, for medical and sales representatives to track their activities and manage communication with medical and healthcare organizations.

    From the report, you can find out how the Managed Service implementation allowed decreasing the number of incidents up to 40%.

  • Higher quality of service thanks to a multidisciplinary team

    To achieve a higher quality of service, a global pharmaceutical company that uses Salesforce Cloud looked for a new vendor. Critical factors for the company was costs optimization and transferring the maintenance and solution development to the single, and multidisciplinary team working in the DevOps model.

    From the report, you will learn how we solved the customer’s technical debt issue growing over the previous years.

Whitepaper Authors
  • One of my passions is sport, especially volleyball, which taught me discipline, patience, perseverance, and something that I especially use in my professional life – working in a team.


    I have been involved in the IT industry since 2009 and with Craftware itself for almost 4 years. I work as a Service Manager and have the pleasure to lead and develop the Service Manager team. While working with customers, it is important for me to provide broadly understood value to the customer, which together brings us closer to the achievement of their business goals, and thus satisfaction from cooperation.

  • I have been involved in sales in the IT industry for 9 years. I specialize in supporting global organizations in a wide range of services, from advanced leasing team, through end-to-end projects in the fixed price model, to managed service systems implementation support and training programs organization for IT teams.


    At Craftware, I have been working as a Sales Manager for almost 5 years, leading a sales team of several people. I am always eager to discuss new solutions tailored to unique customer needs.

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