We often highlight that the Craftware team likes to share knowledge. We have been running the Salesforce Academy by Craftware for 2 years now. Last year, in cooperation with Leon Kozminski University, we launched postgraduate studies in the Salesforce CRM and the Marketing Automation, and in May 2020 we initiated the Architect Academy (AA). AA is our original training program, which is to prepare its participants for the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect exam.

CTA, the Holy Grail of Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the most difficult Salesforce certification to obtain and, according to our data, only one person in Poland is the holder of this document. His name is Tadeusz Cichy and he has been cooperating with Craftware for years now. This very person is the mentor of our Architect Academy. In order to obtain the Holy Grail of Salesforce Developer, you need to be prepared for blood, sweat, and tears, that is months of intense studies.


Academy Program

The Academy Program lasts 2 terms. The first part is devoted to the basics, which will prepare you to pass certification exams in the System and Application Architect paths. These are 8 necessary certifications, which should be complemented with 4 recommended ones. Tadeusz Cichy talks about how he obtained the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) certification on our blog.

Apart from discussing theoretical issues, Tadeusz also presents practical aspects in this area. Indeed, practice is the superior value of the Architect Academy.

The second term entails individual work with people, who decide to continue their studies and take the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect exam.


Study, study, study

Tadeusz runs 2 hour online classes once a week. They are ran in a form of lecture, but students are also provided with various puzzles, two-minute challenge tasks, and live examples. All participants were also informed that online course participation and doing homework assignments are not sufficient. If someone seriously considers passing the CTA, then they need to be prepared for devoting their personal time to be able to acquire a great deal of material.

The Academy program was prepared for people with extensive experience working with Salesforce. It refers to Seniors or people who aspire to becoming Seniors soon.

First classes took place in May with more than 20 people signing up for the first term of the Architect Academy.


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