We are proud to announce that we are among the winners of the prestigious ranking of Forbes Diamonds 2022.

The ranking is built on the basis of the so-called Swiss method, taking into account both the value of the company’s assets and profits from recent years. The key criteria include, among others payment history, payment credibility or lack of negative legal events.

This ranking, one of the most prestigious among Polish companies, includes enterprises whose value has grown the fastest in the last three years. It is a perfect reflection of the trends in the domestic economy.

The 42nd place of Craftware on the regional list of Forbes Diamonds 2022 (revenues from PLN 50 to 250 million) is for us a confirmation of the quality of our brand and financial stability and credibility for our clients.

The ranking also shows the potential of enterprises by analyzing the size of the implemented investments and the ability to increase sales and profits. The presence on the list proves that the business strategy adopted by Craftware is right. It is a source of pride for us and an incentive to further development and creating a technology market.

Thank you for your trust!


  • Marta Górna
  • Marketing Automation specialist
  • Experience in digital marketing, trade marketing and sales support, gained in the HR, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Knowledge, positive energy and persistence in achieving goals. She is guided by the idea that you have to make bold decisions and implement challenging projects.