Craftware acquired the status of a Salesforce Platinum Partner. That is the highest partnership rank in Poland, which confirms professionalism and knowledge of this technology.


Several requirements should be met to acquire the Salesforce Partner title. The Salesforce Platinum Partner, the highest rank in Poland, involves extremely exorbitant criteria:

  • Income of minimum 1.5 million $
  • Many certification in areas: developing, architecture and consultant
  • Customer rating of at least 8.4 of 10 points, based on questionnaires after the implemented project


Why is it worth it?

Salesforce is a global leader in CRM systems and business apps. The platform built in the cloud is an integrated tool that provides one common view of each customer for different departments in the organization.


What is Salesforce like?

  • Safe – It has many backups, and encrypted data is stored in a cloud.
  • Efficient – Companies that use Salesforce CRM increased their sales on average by 35% and 70% ROI.
  • Quick in action – You can implement it even in 15 minutes.
  • Up-to-date – Three times a year, you get free updates of the system.
  • Innovative – Salesforce is a new category of software that automates business processes.
  • Supported by an artificial intelligence – Einstein Software tells you how to increase revenue and points out places where you can look for new areas of development.


Thanks to the commitment, ongoing projects, and constant development, every day, we build our position helping in our customers’ growth.