Craftware addresses people who are just thinking about working with Salesforce. To help make a decision, we have prepared a list of questions, most frequently asked by people starting their adventure with this technology.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is currently one of the most popular cloud-based customer support and sales (CRM) solutions. It enables advanced configuration and modification of built-in features (out-of-the-box) to suit user needs. It also has a number of dedicated applications in the AppExchange store, which extend the capabilities of the platform without the need for programming.

In addition, Salesforce allows you to build specialized and integrated solutions for your customers using Apex programming language, Java Script and Visualforce technology.

This is what we do at Craftware. We deploy different Salesforce products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot. These tools are fully scalable and integrated with each other and with many other systems. Salesforce is a company that is thriving in development, releasing three updates every year, whilst recording a huge increase. In Poland and in the world, more and more companies are choosing to use this CRM system due to its flexibility and the large number of built-in features.

Salesforce is a fast-paced technology that gives you terrific career prospects. The sophisticated and mature platform, as well as adapted design standards, mean easier and more enjoyable work and the opportunity to gain proficiency in programming.


What do I need to know or be able to do in order to learn to program in Salesforce?

Salesforce developers use Apex and VisualForce in their work. If you program in any object language, learning Apex will be relatively easy for you. The knowledge of relational databases and SQL and the basics of JavaScript and HTML are also useful in deployment.


Is it easy to learn Salesfore?

Thanks to the rich documentation, it is very easy. In addition, trailheads are very helpful – they are interactive tutorials with practical demonstrations which show how to use the various features offered by SFDC. For candidates using Java, its similarity to Apex will make it easier to use.

At Craftware we try to provide the necessary support at deployment. During the first weeks you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge during specially prepared introductory projects, under the watchful eye of a mentor.


What does the deployment process look like?

It usually consists of two parts:

  1. administrative introductory, where you will learn how to configure and use the features which you can “click” with a mouse
  2. programming introductory, in which you perform specific training tasks in Salesforce to gain insight into the entire platform and its capabilities.

In our experience, the best solution is a training workshop, conducted by an experienced Salesforce programmer, your mentor.


What are my prospects?

We cooperate with international corporations as well as native medium-sized companies. We also create our own solutions available on AppExchange. That is why the projects and tasks that we can offer are so diverse. We have an individual approach to each employee, offering them a path of development to which they are most suited.

We support the development of career paths such as:

  • Salesforce Developer: develop Salesforce products with us, dedicated for our customers. Create new solutions on AppExchange.
  • Team Leader: be responsible for the implementation of projects. Become a mentor for our Developers. Lead your own team made up of 3-12 Salesforce Specialists.
  • Architect: create architectural concepts of solutions. Conduct consultations on the integration and construction of new Salesforce products.
  • Consultant: support our customers in optimizing their licensing costs. Help customize the standard Salesforce structure to their needs.
  • Auditor: verify the correctness of the implemented assumptions. Check the code, create and implement the best standards with us.
  • Trainer: share knowledge and lead training and workshops on coding, configuration, products and good practices.


What do you propose? What’s working with you like?

We offer deployment from scratch with our best experts. Participation in various projects – we will adapt their degree of difficulty and complexity to your abilities and knowledge. Together we will plan your career path, setting you subsequent goals and tasks.

We do not employ workers “for a project”. We are looking for motivated and ambitious people who want to grow, train and bond with us for a long time. Stable and long-term cooperation is what we care about. We employ based on various forms of cooperation – both B2B and contract of employment. Regardless of the contract chosen, after the trial period, we provide benefits such as a sports card, medical care, and reimbursement for certificates obtained with your supervisor. We are eager to invest in the development of our employees. We also organize internal training.

At Craftware you have the ability to work remotely – completely or partially. We also make sure our team integrates with one another outside of work. Every year we go to Craftwariada (our unique integration trip), during the week, in the evenings we play volleyball and board games. In the office we have table football and a ping-pong table, where we can relax when we need it. Once a month, we meet up for breakfast, which we prepare together in a large kitchen.

We also encourage you to read our article “A Salesforce programmer — not just a developer” to learn more about development opportunities in this technology, and “A three-act path to the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect credential” – the story of Tadeusz Cichy, who passed the most difficult Salesforce certificate.

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