Customer – Grecos Holiday

Grecos Holiday is a Polish tour operator specializing in charter flights to Greece. It employs over 100 employees in Poland and twice as many in Greece. The company has been operating since 2006 and since then has organized dream holidays for about 900 thousand tourists. Currently it offers 20 Greek destinations all over the country.



As part of their duties, the residents of the Grecos Holiday office (employees delegated by the organizer to work abroad) cooperated in Greece with a group of about 70 people and micro-businesses.  They used different tools and systems that were not integrated with one another. This led to many challenges, primarily of an organizational nature, which constituted an obstacle to the further development of the company.

The greatest difficulties for residents were:

  • the lack of tools to monitor the customer relationship history. This resulted in a significant decline in service quality. Sometimes, the same trip was offered to the buyer year after year
  • the lack of the ability to work using mobile devices
  • no unified database of up-to-date customer information, bookings and available hotels
  • no tools for the active sales of trips during travel


In contrast, the managers responsible for the work of residents indicated:

  • the long and ineffective process of training new residents
  • no tool for monitoring the work of residents and generating reports

Salesforce is one of the most extensive customer relationship management systems in the world. The solution is modular, making it possible to create ready-made software components that perfectly match the business needs of a given company. That was the case with Grecos Holiday.



To successfully respond to the challenges of the tour operator, the implementation of Salesforce included:

  • Integration with external booking systems, including Holidayplanet, which provides the most up-to-date database of customers, bookings and hotels.
  • Extending Salesforce Partner Community, which allows business partners to integrate into their sales ecosystem, providing residents with a tool that helps them actively sell additional services.
  • The hierarchy of system users, reflecting the organizational structure of the company, including a division into residents and their supervising managers.
  • Customizing the Salesforce1 mobile application for the needs of Grecos Holiday.
  • Deploying a calendar and event module in Salesforce to better plan visits for residents.
  • A personalized page for selling tours, prepared using the technology Salesforce Lightning Design System. The site is available on both mobile and stationary devices.



By implementing the Salesforce tools, all the residents gained access to customer information, their purchase history, and preferences. Thus it became possible:


Closely match the offer to a specific customer

  •  tools to actively sell additional products (using the Partner Community module) have shortened the sales cycle and offered the most attractive trips to them.


Providing much higher quality of service

  • access to the customer’s purchase history on mobile devices makes it possible to provide them with more effective help in the field. Residents may also check the availability of hotels and bookings.


Improving the flow of information at Grecos Holiday

  • CRM Salesforce has been a huge support for the company’s back office. Bringing together all the information about relationships with customers and business partners in one place provided convenience, also for the accounting department. The solution allows you to quickly generate reports and monitor the work of residents and their managers.

Faster deployment and training of new employees, mainly through an intuitive and easy to use system.

About cooperation
  • With the implementation of the Salesforce technology, all Grecos Holiday employees received a modern tool to support their work. Residents have all the information they need in one place, always on hand in their smartphone. They will now be able to use their energy to better serve their customers and provide them with a wonderful holiday. And that is the most important thing.

    Marek Ceglarz
    Account Manager w Craftware