The Customer

The AZA Group is a company from the e-commerce industry, which owns four online shoes and apparel shops: Renee, Multu, Born2Be, and The company employs over 300 workers and grows intensively on the Polish and Ukrainian markets.



Until the implementation, the company had not used any consistent system to manage the work of customer service. The consultants worked on their files and e-mail inboxes. They had issues with forwarding customer requests and storing their history. What is more, the AZA Group has four different brands, sometimes supported by the same consultants.

Therefore, the goals of the implementation were as follows: deliver tools for receiving inquiries from the AZA Group customers comprehensively and over many channels, increase the transparency of consultants activities, reduce response time to inquiries, and complaints. The customer service employees were supposed to handle customers inquiries in various communication channels from one browser window — under the four brands of the AZA Group.

The solution should:

  • allow multi-channel communication with a customer(a webform, e-mail, chat, phone),
  • be a space of storing the whole customer history in a user-friendly 360-degree view,
  • improve internal communication between the customer service consultants,
  • reduce consultants response time,
  • allow monitoring the quality of customer service and response time to the customer inquiries,
  • allow analyzing reports and creating dashboards for the managers in specific cases.


The solution

The implemented tools were Salesforce Service Cloud (with the Omni-Channel feature) and Salesforce Live Agent.

The project started with a precise analysis of the needs and processes in the AZA Group. Afterwards,  Salesforce Service Cloud app was implemented in stages. Its first version was made available to the users after four weeks since the project began. Following the configuration stage of Salesforce Service Cloud, the integration with an external storage system was done. Then, the tool allowing conversations with customers on the online chat, Live Agent, was launched in every shop of the AZA Group.

As a result, the consultants received a consistent system to handle queries from the customers of all four brands. The entire customer history is stored in the system (the so-called 360-degree view). Additionally, the integration with the storage system allows smooth and convenient transition to the internal system for editing orders. The consultants can analyze all reports and adequately categorize them while maintaining efficient customer service.



The customer received a single consistent system supporting the web channel, e-mail, and chat, common for all the customer service employees. The phone channel is planned for the future (through CTI integration). The customer service consultants can quickly view the contact history with every customer. Furthermore, the system tracks the efficiency of employee work and speed at which customer inquiries are solved.

Natalia Wantuch

Senior Account Manager

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