Lidia Sybicka has worked for over five years at Craftware, the CRM and IT service provider. She has been a part of its development from a small company to a successful, four times greater company, acquired by the IT group Orange Group.

– As a Sales Manager, I focus on developing relationships with our current customers and gaining new ones in my daily jobs. The daily collaboration with customers is what makes us at Craftware develop and thrive. It creates great satisfaction to see new values ​​emerge together with the customers, says Lidia Sybicka, Sales Manager at Craftware.

As employees in the sales department, Lidia and her coworkers ensure that communication with the customer takes place on an ongoing basis, negotiating the agreements and having an overview of additional sales.

– One of our main tasks is to coordinate the work together with the marketing department. We jointly plan which conferences are relevant for the teams to attend, how we can take part in the industry’s discussions, and create relevant content for our customers.

Although Craftware works with both medium-sized and large companies in various industries, the work with the Life Sciences industry has defined the company’s position and strategy. With major international customers who have been Craftware’s customers for many years, Craftware’s focus and knowledge of the industry have grown significantly over time.

– So far, in 2021, almost 80 percent of our revenue comes from the Life Sciences industry. We have several teams with different focuses in the segment offering various services that develop the companies, their processes and systems.

For Life Sciences customers, Craftware works to validate the processes of new drug introduction, providing various software solutions that standardize and improve the companies’ operations.

– Altogether with our colleagues from BlueSoft who support Life Sciences companies within integration, data management, reporting services, and tailored solutions, we constitute a comprehensive software delivery partner.

– The pandemic has put a new focus on the Life Sciences industry, and the need to modernize and develop the sector has increased. This has meant new business opportunities for us, which has strengthened our position in the market.

Craftware has a clear strategy for employee competence development. A lot of resources and time are spent on further training the staff so that they can obtain new certificates and get better at their jobs.

– For us, it is about constantly developing our employees. We send them on various training programs so that they are aware of the industry’s development, upcoming trends, and improve the quality of work.

– A large part of the training is about meeting customers’ specific needs for platforms and IT solutions. This means that we can help customers build competence in-house and at the same time further strengthen our relationships.

Craftware, which provides consultants around the clock, works best in flexible conditions.

– In my experience, companies that are more dynamic develop faster. As such, it’s easier for them to implement solutions than for those traditional, large companies with a big structure and silos. Sometimes we need to implement solutions that extend beyond the Salesforce platform and then it is important that the customer has the Agile approach.

Craftware – an international brand with a global customer base – from a European perspective positions itself as a reliable and highly skilled IT partner.

– Compared to our competitors in Europe, we usually deliver the same or higher value in a more flexible and collaborative way. This improves both our time to market strategy and ways of working. We’ve been compared with other competitors, but we win many contracts as a premium partner.

What keys to success do you see in your way of working?

– We have hard-working colleagues who are not afraid of overtime. We keep up to date with our customers’ activities and always deliver on time. The company’s internal culture is also open and supportive, with joking and cheerful colleagues.


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