On an even larger scale, the business moves to a cloud, and Craftware strongly supports entrepreneurs in this process. It is confirmed by the newest ITwiz Best100 report – we are in the top ten of the most immense cloud computing services providers in Poland in 2020.

The ninth place in the category of biggest cloud computing service providers is not the only high position of Craftware in such an opinion-forming rank of the ITwiz magazine. We ranked sixth among companies with the greatest sale to the industry sector, and we placed eighth in the ranking of companies with the highest revenues from IT staffing services in Poland.

The 2020 year, full of surprises and uncertainties, was really successful for us – we owe this to our customers, employees, and associates. Together we faced challenges that the pandemic has brought us. And we made it, as the rankings show.

Let us remind you that we closed the previous year celebrating a significant event. On December 7, Craftware joined the Orange Group, and together with BlueSoft, we are the ICT group. Congratulations to our business partners on their results in this year’s report. The Orange Polska Group, in the ranking of capital groups with the largest revenue in the IT industry, is on the podium – it was promoted to the third rank. Meanwhile, BlueSoft won the category of the largest revenue from selling application implementation services, and in the banking sector, it closes the top tenth of the best.

The group is a force! We are already waiting for next year’s ranking ?, and we believe it will once again confirm a strong position of the entire Orange Group in the IT industry.

ITwiz report_2021

More information on the report on the ITwiz website.


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