Strong emotional bonds with the brand and patiently building relations with the customer have an impact on the whole company. They do not only affect its condition, sales results or image. They are more and more becoming the very essence of its activities. What if we were to connect people with technology? What is Customer Experience and what role do integrated CRM systems play in its creation? Read the text below to find out.

Changes, changes, changes

For several years we have been witnessing a global revolution – technological and digital, which, in turn, have social consequences. Global trends are changing before our very eyes and we are experiencing their intensity and dynamics as never before.

Adapting to changes. It’s the only way companies can maintain their competitive advantage, which can result not only in maintaining their status quo but also take the company to a new level of development.


Progress and regression. What do they depend on?

Salesforce’s research and reports clearly show that regardless of the industry, the latitude or scale of operations, companies with the largest scale of development are much more likely to focus on the customer and its needs in their business strategy. This proves that we are at a unique moment – we are moving from the consumer era to the partner era, where customer relations will be the company’s greatest asset.

Everything begins and ends with the Customer. An individually selected offer, personalized conditions, carefully conducted communication, responding to doubts and problems.

You can receive valuable feedback from the customer, which you should use to improve your products and services. In some way, the Customer begins to participate in individual business processes, and with time, he becomes the father of your success and of your company. However, this happens only if his experience with your brand is positive.

The PwC report shows that satisfied customers are willing to pay up to 18% more if the service standard is high. Modern business is based on relations and mutual experience, which is why it is so important to get to know one’s customer thoroughly and satisfy them.


What is Customer Experience?

Put briefly, it could be described as the Customer’s perception of the company. Customer Experience is built through every contact with Your brand, even that which seems unimportant.

From business cards to websites, meetings with salespeople and e-mails received, to after-sales service. Everything matters when you want to build a coherent and fully controlled customer experience. The Customer always craves to be noticed, listened to and appreciated.

Did you know that as many as 73% of people place Customer Experience as one of the most important factors in their purchasing decisions? For 32% of all consumers, only one unpleasant experience is enough to leave the brand they had been fond of until now. There is nothing left to do but to invest in building relations. This is where Customer Relationship Management comes in.


CRM – philosophy and technology

Many people still wrongly believe that CRM, that is Customer Relationship Management, is a strictly technological reality. Well, it isn’t.

CRM is a series of methods, strategies and tools whose main objective is to build long-term, strong relations with customers. Finally, it is the philosophy of the company’s operations which takes the level of customers satisfaction as the main measure of its success in sales.

The same philosophy of conducting business is followed by the creators of Salesforce, a CRM system strongly supporting the creation of Customer Experience. Complicated, integrated CRM systems are as little (and as much as) a tool considerably supporting the activities of your company; afterall, at the end of the day one human being does business with another human being anyway.

Changing the way we think about business, and consequently reorganizing the culture, values and functioning of the company, is a tedious and lengthy process, but it is necessary to be able to look forward to the future with faith.

The figures themselves show that it is worth taking the trouble. Gartner’s research results should set a clear direction for your activities – more than 89% of respondents believe that Customer Experience is one of the main factors determining the company’s competitiveness in the market.

You already know the main goal. Now, how can you achieve it?


Become an experienced architect

Customer Experience and relationship building are inseparably linked with the so-called Customer Journey, which guides the customer through the entire shopping path from the first contact through the transaction to the comprehensive post-transaction service.

Each stage of the customer journey can be carefully designed and effectively planned. It is true that we need modern tools for this. They are offered by comprehensive CRM systems, including for instance Salesforce. Building customer journeys in this CRM is extremely simple and intuitive, and the effectiveness of the actions taken is easy to monitor so as to make the necessary corrections.
CRM systems provide powerful capabilities to effectively search for new leads and manage the sales funnel, adapt communications and offers to individual expectations or build the loyalty of existing customers. CRM also increases the efficiency of everyday work. And all this together serves to increase the level of you customers’ satisfaction.

An example is one of the key Salesforce products, that is Sales Cloud, which is dedicated to sales. Sales Cloud gives your sales representatives the ability to manage leads or sales opportunities in an advanced way. They can monitor all customer activity in Salesforce at any stage of the funnel.

A thorough analysis of the collected data allows the sales representatives to determine not only the best moment for a transaction but also to successfully anticipate the real needs of the customer, which they can meet.

Salesforce Contact Management

The results of the Adobe survey showed that 27% of respondents expect more personalized content that is in line with their interests. On the other hand, as many as 34% of them say that the most irritating news feature products or services that are not important to them.

Once you’ve started building your customer experience consciously, you’ll never miss the right moment to send the right message or valuable content. CRM Salesforce has built-in mailing tools that allow you to send personalized content directly from your CRM system according to your customer’s interests and point in the customer journey.

The Contact Management function in Salesforce provides you with constant access to key data and a full history of customer communication, so you won’t be exposed to unpleasant mistakes. You will always know what activities the client has engaged in and can adapt your actions accordingly.



The described activities are just a mere sample of CRM system innovations in terms of building Customer Experience. The benefits of its deployment, the individual modules and the ways of using them are greater than you expect. We will be happy to provide you with more information.


  • Aleksandra Pasek
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • She has been involved in the IT industry and Salesforce for three years. At the moment, she works on business development, generating leads, organizing business events and widely understood product marketing. She supports Craftware’s sales team reaching new customers and building long-term relationships with them. A certified Pardot specialist, a tool for automation of B2B Salesforce marketing.

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