Build a valuable base of potential B2B customers

If your marketing department’s goal is to build a valuable base of potential customers, sending newsletters and all kinds of mailings on a wider scale, planning marketing campaigns based on mailing and individual recipient’s reactions that happen in the background – you’re in a good place.

Salesforce Pardot is a tool used by companies’ marketing departments operating in the business-to-business model. It is a kind of management center – a database of potential and existing customers, along with their consent to the processing of personal data. It also allows you to plan and execute complex marketing campaigns, create landing pages, contact forms for your website, and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your actions.

Salesforce Pardot benefits
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    Marketing automation

    Plan a monthly email campaign that happens in the background and takes place in different variations depending on your customer’s behavior.

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    Easy Pardot integration with external tools

    Salesforce Pardot integrates well with external tools and platforms. In addition to Salesforce Sales Cloud, it provides data flow to and from other CRM systems like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and online webinar and event platforms.

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    GDPR compliant database

    Salesforce Pardot is the place to store your current and potential customers’ data, along with marketing or commercial consents and the dates those consents were granted.

Salesforce Pardot key features
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    Create personalized emails with dynamically changing graphic content. Use templates or create your own.

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    Work on improving conversions and obtain data from your potential customers. Use the forms created in Pardot and place them directly on your website – personal data immediately appear in your system and CRM.

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    Landing page

    Using a simple editor, create simple landing pages that you can use at trade shows, for example. You can also import a more complex landing page written by a developer into Pardot and then track the activity.

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    Engagement studio

    Create complex campaign paths from pre-written mailings. According to your logic, actions are triggered, which may depend on individual recipient behavior.

Automate your campaigns.
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Frequently asked questions
  • Salesforce works only in the public cloud model. So this means that all customers use precisely the same version of the software. Updates are automatic – installed three times a year for everyone. The Salesforce user community helps themselves within the forum, discussing the same functionalities working the same for each customer.  A free Trailhead training package is synchronized with the current version of Salesforce and developed in the same update cycle as the entire platform.

  • Mainly, it is the range of functionality. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive tool designed for organizations working in the B2C environment (for example, e-commerce, retail). There we have a significant volume of recipients, the transactional process of conversion, and sale. In turn, Pardot proves in organizations from the B2B (such as Craftware) sector. Customer volume is lower, and the sale process is more prolonged, often led by the sales team.

  • We aim for our customer to be as independent as possible after the implementation project and have one or a few admins, who will be an internal support line. Often, however, customers decide to have additional support from us so that they can have experienced partners in case of more complicated issues.