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What this e-book is about?

Marketing automation platforms – recently, we have heard more and more about them. What are these tools? How do they support marketing departments? We are giving you an e-book from which you will learn more about marketing automation software and its all processes.

Where did we take the idea for this publication? From life. We advise customers on how to optimize processes – this includes marketing activities. It turns out that almost everyone knows a little bit about this automation theoretically, but when it comes to practice…   Exactly! It is still a topic that raises many questions. We do not want them to remain unanswered.

For whom is this e-book?
  • person-zielony

    Marketing Managers

  • person-granat

    Marketing Specialists

  • person-jasny niebieski

    Sales Department Managers

  • person-zolty

    CEO's and COO's

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Table of Contents
See how marketing automation works

Watch a short video showing the capabilities of the Marketing Automation Tool. The software presented in the video is Marketing Cloud, a product from the Salesforce range, designed to automate the activities of the companies operating in the B2C model.

ebook Authors
  • I am a fan of long bicycle trips (up to 180 km), Canada, Marketing Automation solutions, CRM, and loyalty programs.


    At Craftware, I am a Marketing Cloud consultant and I am responsible for implementing Marketing Automation solutions for our customers. I started my career working at a call center in a telecommunications company to end my adventure there as a coordinator of external companies. I wanted to enter the world of the so-called Internet, so then, I moved to the digital department of financial services to seamlessly move to marketing consulting. While working in consulting, I was introduced to marketing automation and it turned out that it’s my thing.


    At work, I like workshops with customers, translating strategies into functionalities, and advising how to increase the potential of currently used solutions.  My dream is to analyze and write code freely, so in my free time, I learn programming. Besides work and study, I spend my time practicing yoga, walking my dog ​​Bruno, and playing Factorio.

  • I love motorcycles and spicy food. In my free time, I lecture on postgraduate studies at Kozminski University in the field of Salesforce CRM and Marketing Automation. I hold Salesforce Accredited Sales Professional certificate.


    At Craftware, I am a CRM Consultant and Marketing Cloud Team Leader. I focus on finding the value of Salesforce implementation for new customers and cooperation, building the scope of implementation, and its valuation. I am responsible for system configuration and the implementation of selected deployments.


    While working with customers, I try to get to know and understand their business goals and then map them to specific Salesforce solutions. It’s a process that looks different every time, which allows me to develop and build experience.

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