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Lightning Experience isn’t just a modern graphical interface. This is a whole new way of interacting with the system and using the collected data. It is designed to take users’ productivity to a higher level. In Lightning, you will find unique functionalities, unavailable in Salesforce Classic, such as performance charts, AI assistant, enhanced reporting, and forecasting. Craftware has huge experience in migration to Lightning Experience. We have completed corresponding projects for global corporations, as well as big Polish companies. Our knowledge will help you to avoid potential mistakes, and make the process quicker and more efficient for the end-users. Exploiting the potential Salesforce has, will be more intensive than ever before.

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    Improve efficiency

    New functionalities and the new way of interacting with the system increase productivity in the organization up to 41 %*

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    Manage your sales funnel

    Improved forecasting and reporting allow you to manage sales based on actual data.

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    Improve cooperation

    According to users, new communication options improve teamwork in the company up to 40%.

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    Fix system adoption

    Intuitive technology makes an employee use it more willingly and more effectively, which translates to better adoption and real profits.

Effects of implementing Lightning Experience
More effective sales funnel management
More effective reporting
Faster Process Standardization Cycle

Źródło: 2017 Lightning Adoption Survey.

Why us?
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    Experience in LEX

    We are involved in many processes of migration to Lightning Experience at customers from various industries.

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    Migration approach

    We established migration processes based on Continuous Integration and Agile methodology. We use proven tools and techniques.

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    Dedicated team

    We provide our customer with a complete team consisting of developers, business analysts, and testers.

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    Consultative approach

    During the migration, we will hint you how can you optimize your previous Salesforce processes so as to use all possibilities of Lightning better.

Frequently asked questions
  • Lightning is a modern user interface created from scratch by Salesforce. It allows you to customize the application views to your business needs. It also has the option of expanding with components built by implementation partners and located in AppExchange.

  • Most often during and at the end of the implementation, we conduct training in the Train the Trainer formula. We also often provide more or less support after implementation. However, the goal of the project is for the client to be as independent as possible in the operation and management of the system, which is why we usually enter difficult situations.
    What’s more, Salesforce has a unique form of online education on the market. At trailhead.salesforce.com you can find rich training paths that are fully interactive and based on gamification. You can train there in terms of business, consultancy, administration or even programming.

  • Our aim is that after the implementation the customer is as independent as possible and has one or a few administrators who will be the internal line of support. However, companies often decide on our additional support so as to have an experienced partner at hand in more difficult situations.

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