Gain control over Salesforce instance

Center of Excellence is a group of specialist situated in your organization, bringing together the needs and goals of business sponsors, main stakeholders, end-users and Salesforce admins. Their goals are to develop and to put into practice concepts, ideas, tools, and solutions, improving a specific element of the platform or a given business initiative.

Salesforce CoE’s mission, in particular, is to focus on creating, developing, and promoting proven good practice and ideas which will help to improve business processes and increase workers’ and end customers’ satisfaction from the use of the Salesforce platform.

Setting up Salesforce CoE will enhance the efficiency of teams, help to manage changes in organization in better way and ensure that everyone knows and understands key business goals.

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    Systematize knowledge in the organization

    Provide all employees with knowledge about the business goals and good practices of using Salesforce.

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    Reduce the costs of service

    Cut unnecessary expenses on servicing of the same processes in many instances, and manage them through CoE.

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    Reduce the time of implementation

    Leverage existing solutions to achieve results faster, instead of acquiring new ones.

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    Optimize the costs of licenses

    Reduce expenditure on licenses by centralized purchasing and appropriate use of already owned licenses.

How can the Center of Excellence help you?


  • Quick verification of the new ideas
  • Creating and sharing proven good practices.
  • Collecting feedback from users and responding to it.
  • Managing releases while following the principles of segregation of duty – developers are separated from people implementing changes in production
  • Providing compliance with company policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Monitoring performance indicators.
  • Providing consistent educational and communication trainings.
Why us?
  • Partner since 2014

    We are a Salesforce Partner

    Our status gives us access to the latest knowledge, and our experts are always adequately trained.

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    We are happy to share knowledge

    Craftware specialists are happy to share their experience and good practice recommended by Salesforce.

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    A valued partner of big companies

    We have been closely cooperating with international corporations and their IT competence centers for nearly 10 years.

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    Gain professional knowledge

    React to users’ reports and eliminate system problems they notice.

Frequently asked questions
  • Not necessarily. You may already have the right people in your organization to build the right CoE. However, experienced vendors might toad many values to the project.

    • Qualified staff, up to date with the latest functionalities of Salesforce.
    • No need to hire additional full-time employees for the project. An architect can be shared in many projects, so your organization doesn’t have to pay for the full-time job.
    • Experience – a vendor like Craftware is already a part of many centers of excellence and understands the needs and processes in the environments.
    • Scalability – sometimes there’s a need for rapid scaling to meet the business needs, and working with a vendor can help to achieve this.

  • Most often during and at the end of the implementation, we conduct training in the Train the Trainer formula. We also often provide more or less support after implementation. However, the goal of the project is for the client to be as independent as possible in the operation and management of the system, which is why we usually enter difficult situations.
    What’s more, Salesforce has a unique form of online education on the market. At you can find rich training paths that are fully interactive and based on gamification. You can train there in terms of business, consultancy, administration or even programming.

  • Is the support of implementation partner necessary after Salesforce implementation? Our aim is that after the implementation the customer is as independent as possible and has one or a few administrators who will be the internal line of support. However, companies often decide on our additional support so as to have an experienced partner at hand in more difficult situations.

Do you have questions about CoE?
Great! Write to us, we will answer.

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