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eRecruiter is a platform targeted at management of recruitment processes and candidates database, supporting HR specialists in their everyday work. eRecruiter provides its solution for both Polish and international companies.



  • In standard list views there were no possibilities to quickly filter data
  • There were no possibilities to show fields from parent records
  • There also was a limitation that list view can only consist of maximum 15 columns
  • eRecruiter had to extend the features of standard List Views in Salesforce



  • Creation of ReactJS application on Salesforce
  • creation of remote control of the ReactJs app
  • usage of all the features of SOQL queries
  • usage of sharing rules to control app features for specific users
  • usage of local storage to maintain all the user specific configurations
  • integration with Salesforce REST Api necessary for standard list views definitions retrieval




A brand new app based on ReactJs was built, which extends the features of standard list views.

The benefits for eRecruiter included:

  • Salesforce’s 15 columns restriction is no longer a problem
  • parent fields now can be used as a list view columns (up to 5 degrees of relationship)
  • quick filters available on each column
  • up to 50k records might be displayed on a list

Other notable features are: in-line editing, customizable display of list view, unique list views urls.

Customer about us
  • The people from Craftware who conducted the project proved to be reliable and unfailing Salesforce experts. I sincerely recommend working with Craftware.

    Adam Wielebski
    Dyrektor Sprzedaży, eRecruitment Solutions Sp. z o.o.
Lidia Sybicka

Salesforce Sales Director

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