Communication as the foundation for success

The effectiveness and efficiency of service is determined by its speed and quality, combined with full knowledge about the customer, contained in the so-called 360 customer view. The simultaneous use of several different tabs or applications takes time. However, when you use structured modules, which you can manage from one place, the whole process is more organized. If, in addition, you can contact the company’s experts inside the system, through the built-in context communicator or commission tasks, you will surely provide the customer with the highest quality of service.

The key element of effective work is communication. Fast exchange of data between colleagues contributes to the quality of service, which in turn increases the level of customer satisfaction.

Often, customers report problems via different channels, e.g. e-mail, Facebook messenger, and then make a call regarding the same issue. Each report is a task assigned to a service employee. This can lead to a situation where one customer with one case has generated three different tasks assigned to several service technicians. What can you do not to get lost?

The answer is a CRM system such as Salesforce, which automatically combines several reports into a single case, which is handled by a specific agent.

The process of transferring information in many companies takes a lot of time and is not always effective, because the data is sometimes dispersed. Meanwhile, using the CRM Salesforce system, the transfer of data related to customers and their matters is trivially simple and convenient.

A very popular solution in the Salesforce environment is the Chatter tool, i.e. a context communicator, which also enables the creation of thematic groups. This simple solution works well in everyday matters but also in complex projects. You can, for example, talk to an expert in a given field, thanks to which you will quickly get an answer to an unusual customer’s question. Just click search for an expert and after a while you will get in touch with people who can help you. This is especially useful when contacting a client via a live chat channel, when he expects an answer as soon as possible.


Your own database

How do I know the answers to all the customer’s questions? Research is necessary. No one requires you to have extensive knowledge about each of the services or products that the company offers. Remember that the customer may also ask about something unrelated to what you do.

Instead of taking the time to search through external databases or articles from uncertain sources, you can use your own information. A useful tool of the CRM Salesforce system is the Knowledge Base. It is an internal, easy-to-build database, which can contain links, articles, automatic replies, tips, etc.

The main advantage of your knowledge base is quick access to segregated and selected information. In order to find the necessary topic, just type in a keyword or choose a category.

In the available Knowledge Base content reports you will find data on the popularity of particular materials, i.e. how many times and by whom they have been used. This allows you to position materials as particularly important and less important. You can also make all the content available to customers directly on the client portal, in the form of attachments or in the content of e-mails.


One tool to communicate on different platforms

Correspondence with customers through different channels is difficult and time-consuming. Using Messenger, webmail and other platforms at the same time, you have to switch between accounts and leave the main task tab. Operating in the CRM system, with which the Salesforce partner will integrate the additional tools you need, you can communicate with the customer in one window, and in the next one use the knowledge from the Knowledge Base mentioned above, or write a request for help to another consultant or department. All the solutions are available in just a few clicks, and the intuitive tool will help you find the options you need.


CRM and VoIP telephone exchange

The CRM system will not replace your telephone exchange, but integrated with it will significantly improve the work of the service department. How does it work? Salesforce partner can integrate the VoIP telephone exchange used in your company with Salesforce Service Cloud.

As a result, the PBX will transfer to Salesforce, on an ongoing basis, information about the customer with whom the connection is established. This, in turn, will cause the system to automatically open a card of the right customer on the consultant’s screen, containing all the information about the customer. It is also possible to create a softphone tool for your company, with a keyboard for making and receiving calls from the Salesforce level.

As a result of integration of the PBX with Service Cloud, your consultant knows who is calling and probably what they are calling about, and during the conversation they have access to information enabling them to respond correctly and help the customer. A similar process is also possible when your consultant makes an outgoing call.


Einstein Bot — you can rely on me

Chatbot is an extremely convenient solution, which leads the conversation with the customer while you are dealing with other tasks.

Facebook bots have become very popular and are used to direct users to the right websites, help in choosing a menu in the case of a restaurant, or reporting problems.

What distinguishes Einstein Bot? It is directly embedded in the Service Cloud, uses artificial intelligence and has access to data contained in CRM. What can you use it for? When you are unavailable, it will serve the customer for you. It will help solve the most important but routine problems, such as checking the status of a complaint or modification of an order. For more complex cases, it will collect and analyze data about the customer and pass it on to the customer service employee.

With Service Cloud, you can use a range of tools to support your customers, regardless of the contact channel. Thanks to the 360 view you have access to all the information about them, and the Knowledge Base allows you to quickly find the data you need. Chatter will improve communication within the company, so you can quickly and effectively answer even the most unusual questions. In addition, you can support the process with an intelligent bot, and thanks to the integration with external tools, you can achieve the synergy effect.


  • Aleksandra Pasek
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • She has been involved in the IT industry and Salesforce for three years. At the moment, she works on business development, generating leads, organizing business events and widely understood product marketing. She supports Craftware’s sales team reaching new customers and building long-term relationships with them. A certified Pardot specialist, a tool for automation of B2B Salesforce marketing.

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