Benefit Systems, the creators of MultiSport Programme and many other non-wage benefits, including cultural and entertainment programmes and cafeteria platforms, commissioned us to prepare a Salesforce pre-implementation analysis.

Analysis support in the effective use of Salesforce

An analysis is the basis for an implementation of each IT project. First of all, it allows understanding business goals to be achieved after implementation of the new solution. It also supports learning the current state of the company, processes prevailing in it and technological challenges the organization is facing.

At Benefit Systems request we will define the division of project to stages, perform detailed analysis and description of Minimum Valiable Product (MVP) which is a minimal range of services that will quickly bring benefits to the client after the implementation.

The next step will be to prepare a schedule of implementation for further stages, aimed at development of MVP, and finally providing implement in its final form.

The analysis is very important step of every implementation we’re fulfilling. We focus on getting to know our client better, his needs, processes occuring in his organization, his industry and job specification. If we know our client’s expectations and challenges, we are able to advise him the best tools to implement changes and plan the ways of doing it. – says Łukasz Pietrzak, Board Member of Craftware

Benefit Systems already uses Salesforce technology, which is why prepared analysis will be helpful on the wider use of the implement, thereby in even better customer service.

It will support the implementation of the project according to appropriate management methods.

Preparing the pre-implementation analysis provides certainty that business goals will be well understood, processes clearly defined and implemented tool will meet our project’s beneficiares expectations.