Errors in the implementation of IT systems

During his speech, Jacek talked about what makes IT projects in large organizations fail, exceed the budget or why they are implemented with a long delay. However, there are ways to implement a positive scenario – the conference participants learned what they are.

The agile approach to the implemented IT project allows you to quickly achieve ROI and avoid the above-mentioned problems. The main assumption of this approach is working on business goals, the small steps method and the selection of optimal tools. Seems difficult? Nothing similar. You just have to change your mindset and avoid the most common pitfalls.


How to work agile?

Here are 5 tips for working agile to achieve high ROI:

  1. Give business control over the project.
  2. Take care of the security of the provided solutions.
  3. Work in short intervals.
  4. Implement tools that quickly bring business value and generate income that allows you to finalize further functionalities.
  5. Think unconventional – software can be built modularly!


More than 600 participants took part in the congress, which took place at the Warsaw Legia stadium, among them there were: board members, presidents, directors, specialists, CTO, consultants, entrepreneurs in the scientific and public sector. Craftware was one of the partners of this event.


  • Jacek na MIT Sloan
  • Jacek na MIT Sloan
  • konferencja MIT Sloan
  • konferencja MIT Sloan
  • Jacek na MIT Sloan